this and that

I let some things get me down this week. Busy days at work, getting ready to move, Jason out of town, my calf strain that has now become a sharp pain in my shin that won’t go away and just some general malaise have made me not the happiest gal on the block. My problems are minor. I’m glad to have a job that I like and that challenges me. I’m grateful we get to move into a bigger and better apartment. I’m so excited for Jason to be home (tomorrow!). I love that my body can run and I trust it to come back after some needed days off. Things are really good, but I have just been in a little funk.

A few moments this week have been really refreshing, though. On Tuesday night the young women went on a tour of the food pantry. First of all, I was reminded of how fortunate I am to be able to go to the store and choose any food I want and by and large not worry about how much it will cost. I’d whined to my mom earlier in the evening that I just didn’t know what I was going to have for dinner, poor me, and suddenly felt so guilty. At least I knew I would be having dinner that night, regardless of what it was.

It was also fun to get compliments on our great batch of youth from the volunteers at the food pantry. The young women are so great. Just being around them, especially on weeks when my apartment is quiet, makes me happy.

Another high point: I went to the city book sale this morning and it was awesome! There were rooms and rooms and boxes and boxes just brimming with books. I loved it. I was careful to not go too crazy, since I just spent this week packing up our book collection. I did find some books I’m really excited about, though.

Speaking of packing up one’s books, this is the current situation in our living room. I ran out of book boxes, so I need to pick up some more this weekend. It feels so weird to be leaving this apartment. We’ve lived here longer than anywhere else (combined) and, while I knew someday we’d have to leave, I hoped it wouldn’t be so soon.

I do keep reminding myself it’s a good thing, though, and that maybe our new apartment will have an electrical outlet in the bathroom. A girl can dream.

In unrelated-to-me news, Grant got his braces off. After ten years and countless appointments with Dr. Barrowes, the Pullan kids are all orthodontia-free. He looks so much like my mom. I can’t believe we will be in Utah so soon.

Tonight I’m helping out with a baby shower, for which I made my first ever poppyseed cake. The recipe is one of my mom’s, so I trust it, but I’m still a little nervous about how this will taste. Also, I am terrible at baby shower games and am pretty sure I will be the only childless person there. Wish me luck.


party of one

The Fall of Insanity is in full swing and I am in college girl mode. No, this doesn’t mean 3 a.m. trips to Denny’s for endless hot chocolate (was that ever a good idea?), just lots of Amanda time and weird, cobbled-together dinners.

On Thursday I watched the BYU game at home alone (though to my credit, I had group-watching options. The game was late, though, and I was still waffling about whether to squeeze in a long run Friday morning). I made a little pizza and put on my navy shirt and crocheted, thinking I would go to bed at halftime if it was a blowout. Not so much. I was highly emotionally invested in the game until the final whistle (some time after midnight), then was too keyed up to go to sleep so I read until 1:30 a.m. This was not my most responsible hour.
Saturday morning I embarked on my last super-long run before the marathon: twenty miles. I left later than planned so I wouldn’t have to run in the dark and because the sky was overcast and I didn’t have to worry about the temperature surfing by mid morning. The first 15.2 miles were just fine, but I spent the last 4.8 with heartburn, longing to die or throw up. Of course, it also started pouring at mile 19 and I hadn’t planned the route as carefully as I thought so I ended up taking a 1.25 mile cool down walk after finishing the 20th mile. When I got home I was drenched, exhausted, and ridiculously proud of myself (and beyond grateful I didn’t have any calf issues). I showered and dried my hair but couldn’t get warm, so I curled up under a blanket and watched College GameDay until my fingers were no longer freezing.

I went to see “The Giver” with a friend in the afternoon and spent the evening alternately reading and crocheting. Oh, and I made another awesome pizza for dinner.

Sunday: chastity lesson in YW, more crocheting, and pesto couscous for lunch. Around 3 p.m. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up four hours later. I am pretty sure that was my Saturday bodily exhaustion catching up with me. I had green beans and popcorn for dinner, talked to my fam, and finished another book. Goal for this week: keep up the good work (and maybe make an actual meal that isn’t pizza).

not quite

A few weeks ago I saw a post from a Utah acquaintance advertising a “Yard Sell.” I guess that is how it sounds in the drawl of the intermountain west.

Then, just days later, Jason and I noticed a poster on one of our neighborhood telephone poles advertising a “Yard Sail.” Perhaps nautical themed?

Unrelated, today I saw the following sign in my metro station. I should have taken a picture.

The outdoor


!Are Out!

of service

I don’t even know what to say.

in which we go to new haven

Inspired by the U.S. Open, of which we watched at least a portion every day we were in Connecticut, all three of us played tennis at some point the day before Dave left. Dave went with a friend from school and Jason and I went with (a different) Dave and his wife Katie. I sometimes forget how much I love tennis.

The night before Dave went home we had Franklin Giant Grinders and Rita’s (again) and watched some more tennis (mostly just Eugenie Bouchard)(Dave has a crush on her).

Oh, and we spotted this piece of graffiti in Hartford. I swear it wasn’t me.


The next morning, we had Dunkin Donuts, then set off for New Haven. Dave was able to find a surprisingly cheap itinerary that flew into DC and out of New Haven, an airport I didn’t know existed until now. We drove down to the coast, which takes approximately no time at all and parked near Yale in New Haven.

Dave had found a restaurant online that claimed to he the original home of the hamburger, but it was closed for lunchtime when we got there. Instead we hit one of the plethora of Thai restaurants in the neighborhood.

The last time we were in New Haven was on our honeymoon and we were really only there to catch the Metro North (oh, and we ended up getting really lost. This was in the days before everyone had a smart phone, children, so I was reading directions from MapQuest). We will have to get back again soon, at least to the Yale part which is lovely.

We drove Dave to the airport about an hour before his flight. I was expecting a small airport along the lines of the Bluegrass Airport. This one was much smaller. There were but two gates and I’m quite sure more people can park at our Safeway.
We said good-bye to Dave, which was very sad. He was a great visitor, a good sport, and a fun travel buddy. Also, he introduced us to all the SNL skits we have missed as pop culture illiterate adults. We loved having him around and hope he comes back soon!

After dropping off Dave, Jason and I headed to Fort Nathan Hale. What is Fort Nathan Hale, you may ask? It’s a twenty-acre park on the coast in New Haven that is home to a revolutionary war barracks and fort.

I think Nathan Hale is Jason’s favorite revolutionary.

It actually turned out to be a cool little park. IMG_1139[1]

When we reached the barracks, Jason hauled out the tripod (I say hauled, but it’s really not a cumbersome piece of equipment) and got some shots of the sound. 20140904-162059-58859216.jpg





Meanwhile I just took photos of myself.20140904-162059-58859380.jpg

There were also cannons, so that was cool.20140904-162059-58859690.jpgThat night we went to Grandma Funny and Grandpa Bill’s around dinnertime. They had brought out a bunch of old albums, which were so fun to look at. In the proud tradition of oldest grandchildhood, Jason’s early years were very well documented.20140904-162100-58860357.jpgThat face!! That sweater! 20140904-162100-58860720.jpgJason’s Grandpa Bill took this picture, which I think explains why I look so very tall. We were very sad to say good-bye to Jason’s parents (early) the next morning before our drive home. 20140904-162100-58860000.jpg

We had a great trip, made even more great considering we hit not a whit of traffic on the way back to Virginia. Hallelujah! We’re hoping to get up to Connecticut again soon. IMG_1113[1]


5 things from last week

1. Most important of all, Mary was in DC! We met up for lunch at Good Stuff Eatery, because who can say no to hamburgers and shakes? Mary and I only overlapped in Lexington for 9-ish months, but she is so important to me. I love that she’s been in town twice this year; think that means it’s our turn to visit her in Tennessee.
Also, that teal clock is one of my favorite things about my office.

2a. Running. Sigh. I’m still having calf problems. I’m icing, compressing, elevating, ibuprofen-ing, but I was still kept to just ten miles last week. This is peak week for marathon training and I was able to do six miles this morning, so as long as I can get a twenty-miler in before Saturday I’ll be happy entering the taper weeks.

2b. Oh, and I got new running shoes. I took this picture because they match my mint skirt.

2c. While we are speaking of running, my dad and brothers did the Mt. Nebo Half on Saturday! It’s the race the boys and I did last year (on one day of notice). They did awesome. Adam took first in his age group and Grant took fourth in his AND they beat our time from last year by nine minutes. They are pretty incredible.

3. I finished my 100th – 104th books of the year.

4. We enjoyed the BYU football game Saturday night.

5. We will be in Utah in less than a month!!

three and one, or a rentschler adventure

Jason and I have been planning on attending the BYU-UConn football game in Connecticut since it was announced (which I thought was when we lived in Kentucky but turned out to be March 2013. Time flies.) By Thursday night the ticket debacle had mostly been resolved and by Friday afternoon we had even sold two of the three UConn tickets to Dave’s friends. We had some chicken taquitos for dinner, then headed off to the game! Dad Frost, Grandpa Bill and Dave went into the stadium immediately while Jason and I walked to the far reaches of the parking lot to say hi to some of his friends from high school.

The crew, unfortunately without Jason’s mom. We missed her!20140903-110108-39668979.jpg

It really was perfect weather for a football game. After Jason and my last two BYU football experiences (the deluges that were Virginia and Texas) we were more than a little worried about getting wet. Thankfully, our fears were unfounded. I didn’t even bring a sweatshirt to the game, which is saying something considering I am always cold.20140903-110110-39670105.jpg



Our (BYU) tickets turned out to be great. We were just seven rows up on the second level, but Rentschler is small enough that we had a great view. We were near some of Jason and Dave’s friends from the ward and in the middle of a very vocal cheering section (thank goodness). Also, I avoided the crazy wigged guy from the last year with the off-key screams. Deafness averted.

Partway through the first half we saw Patience and Dan. We caught up with the Homers during halftime and went to see Dad and Grandpa, both of whom were the life of the party. 20140903-110109-39669374.jpgWe met several CT ward members and ran into our own Virginia bishop. During the second half, Dave and Rashelle came up to visit and we saw Tom Holmoe. We also found time to watch the game, which was a good one! We took an early lead and Connecticut couldn’t keep up. By the end of the third quarter, only BYU fans were left in the stadium. We made our way back to the car and headed home.20140903-110108-39668743.jpg

Once home, we decided we were actually kind of hungry, so Dave and Jason had leftovers and I ate a million pretzels while we watched the post-game show. Overall, it was a great night!

I’m not sure what this says about us, but Jason and I have attended three of the last four season openers and have averaged one game per year since graduation. Our current record: three and one. I think it’s our lucky shirts.


in which dave comes to visit, part III

Here’s how the rest of Dave’s DC sojourn went:

Went for a run around the neighborhood and then to work with Jason. Came home by way of the mall. Made fruity pebbles krispies treats. The three of us ate pulled pork sandwiches for supper, then went to Nielsen’s for dessert and watched (or in my case, slept through) a movie.

Came to work with me. Had a good chat with one of my colleagues/friends who is from the Philippines. Went to the Newseum, Archives, National Gallery of Art, and Shake Shack. Dave met me at Union Station at the end of what turned out to be a long work day and we rode home together. Dinner = leftover pulled pork and jalapeno slaw for the guys and pesto pasta for me in preparation for the next day’s run. Jason went to bishopric meeting. Dave and I stayed home and watched the U.S. Open.

Accompanied me on the last six miles of my eighteen mile run (even though I had only told him to plan for five miles). The three of us went to Silver Diner, then headed up to Connecticut for the rest of the week.