exciting things

Two posts ago was my 800th post?! How is that possible? Have I said anything worthwhile? Is there anything left to say? Issues to grapple with before I fall asleep at night.

Jason and I have a niece! She is adorable! She hiccups, just like her Auntie Amanda. Jason still says it “auuuuunt.” #sillynutmegger

I am now a Sunday school teacher of the 12- and 13-year-olds. This means I get to keep hanging out with some of my YW on Sundays. I’m so glad. Also, I’ve gotten to go to Relief Society more times since getting released than I did in the first 2.85 years we lived here and I am loving it.

The part of my personality that is just like my dad forced me to run outside in frigid 24 degree weather this morning just to say I did. I am not ready for winter. Not in the least.

Mariel got her wedding pictures back and they are awesome. I’m biased, and I may have to do a roundup of favorites on the blog. How in the world did we become such a great looking family?


Pippa Middleton moment!!jordanmarielwedding-74

And lest anyone think Adam and Grant have changed in the last few years…frost weddingjordanmarielwedding-154

Goodreads, a.k.a. the social media site where I keep track of my bookreading, recently informed me that something was “trending this week in one of your favorite genres, Sports.” Is it? I am pretty sure the only sporty book I’ve read this year was Moneyball, which is more about math than sports.

Okay, I checked and if we’re counting mountaineering and running, I’m guilty as charged: a sports writing enthusiast.

Good things are happening at work. That’s all for now.


the frosts cook

As I’ve said, I used to be a pretty terrible cook. I’ve always been absentminded in the kitchen (like the time I accused all my roommates of stealing my frozen vegetables, but it turns out I had just put them away in a cupboard…for four days. Gross.)(and the time I put a lemon in the silverware drawer)(and the many many times I have put my non-natural peanut butter in the fridge). When Jason and I were dating we started cooking together, probably in part to see whether he really wanted to marry someone with such miserable knife skills. (Oh, remember the time I put my finger through the hole of my bagel and then cut them both? Me too.) Jason would always take care of thawing, cutting and cooking the raw meat, which he still does, and I’d rush around the kitchen terrified that I’d missed a step.

We still have our moments, like on Saturday when I left out two major ingredients in rice crispy treats (though, to be fair, this is a more complex version than the butter+marshmallows+cereal standby), but by and large we have become decent cooks together. Last week we made takeout-worthy pad kee mao and penne with brussels sprouts, chile and pancetta. I actually enjoyed the brussels sprouts, which, as someone whose aversion stems from a childhood chocolate-covered brussels sprouts experience, this is a big deal.

Thanks to the NYT cooking app, Jason is the one finding our latest and greatest recipes and encouraging us to try new things (shallots! leeks! the aforementioned brussels sprouts! fish sauce!). He’s also developed a pretty mean wok game. Jason’s the best.

5 good things about this weekend

1. Dinner at Lebanese Taverna with friends on Friday night. I ate eggplant of my own volition. I guess this is what adulthood feels like.

2. An early morning run on Saturday. It was 31 degrees. Thus, we placed an order for much-needed long-sleeved workout apparel today.

3. Celebrating the under-100-days-away wedding of my good friend and colleague Emily!

4a. The primary program.
4b. A new calling.
4c. Post-church two-hour nap.

5. Another successful NYT recipe! Those are noodles. They are delicious.

I knew I couldn’t write just five things!

6. The Jeopardy! category “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” on Saturday night. I got all of them right (and in the form of a question).

more marathon

Man, I think about the marathon every day.

I love having things to look forward to and work toward. I love that running has become a thing my dad and brothers and I share. I keep remembering what it felt like to be DONE and to know that I had just run the distance from Payson to Nephi. I miss that heavy leg feeling and the dry air of St. George and sitting with my mom and sisters in the pool while the boys watched the priesthood session.

Jason got some pictures at the race with our nice camera, but I didn’t have them when I did my post so here they are.I didn’t think we were going to see our family at the finish line, so it was such a great surprise when we did. This is the moment I saw Jason. It’s a little out of focus because he thought we’d be coming in on the left side of the chute, but I love it.

Adam’s face in this picture is 1. exactly how all of us felt and 2. priceless. We are so close to the end.20141030-232336-84216869.jpg

And cool-as-a-cucumber “Yeah, I’ll just wake up today and run 26.2 miles without training” Grant.20141030-232337-84217689.jpg

I also love this one of my dad crossing the finish line. dad st george

I really want to do another race soon. It probably won’t be a marathon, since the notion of doing a twenty-mile training run in the Virginia winter sounds terrible. Maybe a half?


This Halloween was one of our best. We went to work (Dad: not in costume. I know you were wondering) and had pizza for dinner. Then we walked over to the local high school and watched our home teacher and his comrades defeat the math and science high school 49-0.

Halloween night makes for a not-crowded game, but we had a great time hanging out with friends. In spite of the lopsided score, the game was fun to watch. I don’t know a lot about high school football, but there appeared to be more pass plays than I remember. Then again, Payson High School may not be a gold standard of athleticism (except in tennis, naturally).

Our friends gave us a ride home, after which we watched some college football and went to sleep. For the sixth year in a row, our trick-or-treater count = 0.

We got up early Saturday and went for a run together. Running? With Jason? In autumn? Can we add any more things I like to that list? After breakfast we headed to the church for the best church cleaning effort in recent memory. There were four families assigned, so we got it done in under an hour, a far cry from 1. our first church-cleaning here when we were the only family assigned and 2. our Lexington days when I’m pretty sure we cleaned the building once a month.

The rest of Saturday was a blur of reading, football watching and napping. Oh, and we went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for what turned out to be one of our Best Sunday Dinners Ever (and not just because it was fast Sunday).

Looking back, our old kitchen wasn’t made for multiple cooks. While you could fit more than one person in the room (unlike our first ever kitchen), there wasn’t counter space adequate for two simultaneous cooking efforts. This new kitchen is a million times better in that regard, which in part led to this weekend’s culinary success.

We made lemon garlic chicken with cherry tomatoes and red pepper risotto.

Both were the stuff of food dreams. Thank goodness we have leftover risotto for dinner tonight.


- The hives are gone. Thanks to the wonder of modern medicine, I feel like a real human again.

- Our new apartment is still awesome. We made our annual fall sojourn to IKEA on Saturday B.H. (before hives) (but the Maryland IKEA, since the Virginia one had literally none of the things we wanted in stock) and came away with some good stuff. Two new KALLAX. A FROST and a MAGNARP. The perfect STOCKHOLM to go with our newly-acquired non-IKEA desk. The apartment feels organized and settled, all thanks to Jason’s persistence and ingenuity. The books are even all shelved, which is a win in and of itself.

- My shin, which has been bothering me on and off (but mostly on) since August is finally, knock on wood, feeling better. It’s glorious. I’m carefully easing back into running, but I’m not wincing as I walk down stairs anymore. I think I have to average 85 miles a month until the end of the year to hit my goal, but that should be doable.

- I went to book club last night. We read The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which was just Halloween-creepy enough for me. I got a little behind in my other reading goals while we were in Utah, but am now back on track.

- For the first year in five, we are enjoying Kentucky football much more than BYU. Thank goodness we have the basketball match-up against the Colorado School of Mines to look forward to on Saturday. To be perfectly honest, I initially thought it was the School of Mimes, which would be both hilarious and possibly a disadvantage.