Here’s how our Saturday went:

8 a.m. Jason arrives home from work (hooray!). I am still in bed reading, but have been awake since 6:45 a.m.

We proceed to purchase groceries, make pancakes (which I mess up by adding twice the buttermilk because I’m trying to halve the recipe in my head and can’t figure out why the pancakes are so runny and flat) and get the laundry started.

11 a.m. Jason naps on the couch. I clean the kitchen.

Noon Jason still naps. I fold the laundry.

2 p.m. Jason wakes up. We have homemade pizza for lunch.

5 p.m. Jason goes to sleep for the night. I think, “Oh, I’ll just lay my little head down for a short nap. Then I’ll (fill in productive activity here, including building lasagna for Sunday dinner).”

Midnight I wake with a start, fumble around for my phone, and realize I’ve gotten seven hours of sleep. Oops. The good news: I’m wide awake. The better news: Jason will be too in one hour. I build the aforementioned lasagna and get some reading done (All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenting).

1 a.m. Jason wakes up and is surprised to see me awake and alert. I still feel pretty good, so I just decide to stay up with him until I crash.

2 a.m. We play Yahtzee!

3 a.m. We watch Netflix!

4 a.m. We make pancakes for the second time in eighteen hours! We eat said pancakes while watching another of our photography DVDs from the Teaching Company.

5 a.m. I start to get a little drowsy.

5:30 a.m. I head to bed for 1.5 hours until it is time to get up for church.

While staying up until it was time to go to sleep again on Sunday night was not easy, I loved spending time with Jason when we were both reasonably awake. Same time next weekend?

On Monday Jason came into the city to try on suits for Mariel’s wedding (and because we haven’t gotten the man a new suit in five years), so I met him up in Georgetown for the fitting. Afterward, we went to Good Stuff Eatery for hamburgers and a raspberry-blueberry shake. We walked down M Street, then headed to Charles Tyrwhitt for Jason to try on another suit (which turned out to be not nearly as great as the first one).

When we had concluded our errands Jason went home to sleep and I returned to work (after which I headed to an overnight retreat and thus missed seeing Jason again until Tuesday night after Young Womens).

on running and baseball and other summery things

We’ve entered an until-the-end-of-summer lull. Work is good and not too crazy for me. Jason’s schedule doesn’t allow him to do much during the week except sleep. We’re not close enough to our impending move (September!!) to really pack anything up. Our major vacations, camp, and my birthday (annual summer signifiers) are over (except for our football trip to CT in August, to which one or both of us have been looking forward since the series was announced).

Things that are happening?
- Lots of reading.
- Lots of running.
- Lots of working (for Jason, at least).

Today I went on the longest run of my life thus far: 14 miles. I went back and forth about whether to attempt the distance today en route to work or leave it until Saturday and finally–after staying up long past midnight last night reading–I opted for today. There was almost a chill in the air when I left which, as those familiar with this national swampland of ours know, is considerably rare for summer. I knew almost immediately that this was going to be a good run (and it was).

I knocked out a familiar loop, then headed down toward the church. After taking yesterday off, I had fresh legs and was pleasantly surprised by hoe easily the first few miles ticked away. I had promised myself I could walk/stretch once I hit the biggest hill on the route, but when I got there I felt awesome and didn’t even break stride.

My fueling regimen could use some finessing, but I toted along a sandwich bag of trail mix. It wouldn’t fit in the pocket of the fuel belt I had borrowed, so I tied it to the water bottle holster. I snagged some m&ms at mile 10.5, tearing into the bag as I ran. I assumed inertia (or something) would keep the remaining nuts and chocolate pieces safe in the bag. Instead, I heard pieces of trail mix falling behind me, Hansel and Gretel style. I am sure there were some happy squirrels in Arlington today.

I finished up my run at Rosslyn, where I hopped on the metro and headed to work. I was surprised by how good I felt, which I can partially attribute to today’s beautiful weather. Hopefully good, diligent training is also a culprit.

In the evening, I went to a Nats game with my coworkers. I work with a bunch of pretty great people and the yearly baseball game is one of my favorite traditions.

Jason’s sleep schedule made his attendance impossible, but we’ll hit up another game together before the season is over.

I had a big plate of nachos from Hard Times and Bryce Harper hit a home run after I left. The Nationals lost, but it was a pretty perfect evening to sit outside and talk with friends.

one week down

Jason’s been really great about his temporary schedule. While it’s definitely an adjustment, he goes to sleep when he is supposed to and wakes up when he is supposed to and gets a lot done while he’s home during the day, including the laundry (for which I love him).

I loved having him home part of the weekend. We tried to make the most of his waking hours.

Some highlights:

- 12 mile run on Friday morning. I mapped a new route and it was awesome.

- Seeing Jason awake on Saturday morning. We had pancakes and went to Trader Joe’s before he fell asleep. Then I woke him up so we could go to Jetties with visiting friends. We ended up at different locations, but it all worked out in the end and Jason stayed awake for the entire meal.

- Sunday walk to church. Then I taught Laurels. I actually think Young Womens is the hardest age for me to teach. Maybe it’s the girls’ age gap? Maybe it’s that I’m older than I think I am? Anyway, the lesson was about ordinances and suggested this talk by Julie Beck, which I found personally very interesting.

- Jason stayed awake through Sunday dinner, then intentionally crashed at 3 p.m.

- Read, crocheted, emptied the dishwasher, and did all manner of quiet deeds until my Mom was home from church and I could call her. Laced up my running shoes, started up the GPS watch, and put in a good six miles of walking while we talked.

- Brownies from my visiting teacher, which she brought over just in time for Jason and me to have for dessert together before he jetted off. I fully intended to go right to bed, but I got sucked into crocheting and a Law & Order (season 5!) and stayed up until 12:30 a.m.

a day at misty mount

Wednesday was an unexpectedly wonderful day.

I got to work at 6:45 a.m. (okay, that part wasn’t so wonderful) and got in a good couple of hours before heading home at noon. Jason (awake!) came and picked me up from the metro and we had lunch together. It’s good to talk to him when we’re not both exhausted.

In the early afternoon I headed up to Girls’ Camp. Just before I left, I received this picture via text from my good friend and our ward camp director, Lara.
Just a copperhead camped out in the pool bathroom. (Wait, this camp has a pool!?)(And apparently snakes!)

The rangers sorted out the snake, taking it far away and releasing it into the wild. This didn’t make me feel any less creepy-crawly about it, though, and I strongly considered wearing my galoshes.

I think I liked camp when I was a young woman. If nothing else, that was the only time of year when my mom would assent to buying me one of those giant, tongue-chafing jawbreakers from the candy bins at Payson Market. I am kind of disturbed that I would actually eat a good half of it by the end of the week.

Of course I’d love to take a week off to hang out (er, supervise) girls camp, but we’ve got two long-ish fall trips coming up, so I settled for one day. Now I’m wishing I’d stayed longer: Girls’ Camp is a blast! I got to Misty Mount during craft time and got to hang out with some of my favorite people. We walked around the camp, which is absolutely gorgeous, and checked in with all the little campers from our ward. I think it’s hilarious/awesome that girls’ camp feels exactly the same, even though I’m nine years and 2,000 miles removed from my most recent Koholowo experience.

I stayed for dinner and got to witness the “Elbows Off The Table” song, which as a youth I thought was unique to our camp. In a clever variation, the offending girls (and leaders) at Misty Mount have to check in with the YCLs and are then forced to perform an embarrassing dance of some kind. I kept those elbows tucked tight.

I helped Monica and Ilona (and Sally and Lara) prep the senior panel, where the younger girls submit questions for the seniors to answer. SO many were about boys (of course). When we got over to the fire, the YCLs were leading the girls in familiar camp songs.


The senior panel was great, after which the girls started in with their skits. Per usual, some were much funnier than others. I’m biased, but I think our ward’s was pretty great. I did also laugh out loud when another ward suggested disguising the quadruple combination as an eighth Harry Potter book as a missionary tool. “Wait, Harry has a brother named Nephi?” That’s the girls’ camp sense of humor I remember.

In the midst of the silliness and crazy and bugs and drama and crafting and dirt and zaniness that is camp, I was just struck by what wonderful girls we have. They are well-loved by each other, parents, leaders, and most of all Heavenly Father. They are smart, confident, helpful, and kind. I’ve never thought about there being much of a spirit of Girls’ Camp, but walking back to my car I just felt such peace. Camp is awesome and I’m so glad I got to be part of it for a little while.
20140710-091543-33343505.jpgHow much are these cabins just like the ones in The Parent Trap? Also, their low occupancy means the hyper first years are contained and can’t keep everyone awake all night.

Oh, the other great thing about Wednesday? Jason and I are getting a niece! We are so excited to be Uncle Jason and Auntie Amanda to Jake and Justine’s baby daughter this fall.

tuesday thoughts

I’m sitting on my couch, which is a perfect sitting couch, listening to the rain and thinking about how I should go outside. I have groceries to buy and a library book on hold to pick up. I had not my favorite of salads for dinner, but chased it with some Trader Joe’s 72% cacao chocolate.

Jason’s on an alternate work schedule for the next little while, so I haven’t really seen him in two days. I feel like I have an imaginary husband. I see evidence of him: his gym bag in the living room, a basket of clean, still-warm laundry he washed this afternoon, less hummus in the container than when I went to bed last night. I don’t see actual him, though, except for a few brief minutes between him waking up and me going to sleep. It’s weird.

(Aside: I tried to tell him about this last night and in my sleepiness and sleep-talking-prone way informed him that “being married to you is like being married to the Holy Ghost.”)

I am really bad at working nights. I did the day shift at cherries and for some reason had to switch to nights for the last few days. It was tough. One night one of the women on my line kept shouting out how many hours we had left until 4 a.m., which was great until I realized she was two hours off. Now I can’t even stay awake past eleven, as Jason discovered when we stayed up late Saturday night to help him adjust. I don’t think I have always been a morning girl, but I definitely am now.

I did get my book and my groceries and talked to each of my parents for a bit. I saw one of my young women at the store. Our ward has really great youth. I’m probably biased, but the girls are by and large bright, pleasant, fun people. I’m excited to head up to camp tomorrow to see them.

When I left Trader Joe’s the rain had cleared and there was a bright full rainbow stretching from north to south. Here’s the post-storm sunset.

I ordered a dress that I thought might work for Mariel’s upcoming nuptials, but I was thwarted by UK sizing. Seriously, it looked like a children’s frock. Fingers crossed the exchange actually works out.

Reading-wise I am in the midst of Failure is Not an Option, which is good but for all the jargon. It’s also painfully detailed. If we don’t get to Apollo 13 soon, I may have to abort the reading.

When I got home from the grocery store I built Jason’s lunch, ate more chocolate, watched a vintage episode of Law & Order and went to sleep.

cuatro de julio y más

We fully intended to go to the ward breakfast on the Fourth of July and then, as happens every year, we woke up early and decided to go back to sleep. Happy Independence Day!

Instead, we made our own pancakes and a smoothie, watched some soccer, and enjoyed a generally leisurely day. I think we talked to our families. I think we had pizza for dinner. I know we concluded the evening with a fun run together around our neighborhood.

On the fifth of July I did a ten-mile run. I am never going to get used to this humidity, but I brought water and survived. When I got home we made pancakes again (because sometimes you just really want pancakes two days in a row) and watched some more soccer. We went to the library. We took naps. We sat by the pool and read and basked in the perfect weather. Maybe our weekend wasn’t the most thrilling (and there was a decided lack of fireworks), but after being apart for 2.5 weeks I’ll take all the lazy Jason time I can get.


I think birthdays are funny. I mean, I like having one. I like getting birthday wishes. I like presents and doing things “because it is my birthday.” At the same time, it feels weird to get a day of celebration for something 1. You didn’t have any control over and 2. Literally everyone in the world has done.

The very best part of this, my twenty-sixth birthday, was Jason arriving home the night before. While he’s away the house is lonely and quiet and I am in single-girl-food-foraging mode. When he is gets back, the change is instantaneous: the apartment feels livable and happy and bright and like he was never really away after all.

I didn’t work on my birthday, so I slept in (which is easier to do when it’s not just me and the panda and I’m actually sleeping well). Then I went for a run. My former YW leader Chris Bigler used to (probably still) go on a birthday run every year where she’d do a lap around the track for every year of life. I’ve adopted the same tradition for the last few years distance-wise because I can’t handle track running. This year I did my 6.5 miles in spite of some truly ridiculous heat. There’s a reason I usually run early in the morning.

We went to the Capital Grille for dinner, where I had (and I’m taking this straight from the menu) porcini-rubbed delmonico steak with 15-year aged balsamic. Jason’s was pretty good too, but mine took the proverbial cake.

Overall, it was an excellent birthday. I think I’ll like being twenty-six.