First full week

Today concludes Jason’s first full week of graduate schooling.  Verdict: excellent.

It feels strange/great to not be starting a new  school year this fall.  Being graduated didn’t seem completely real until this week when school started here.  On the way to work last Wednesday, I passed hoards of new-clothes-clad, UK notebook-clutching freshmen and I was a tiny bit jealous of them.  I remember sitting in my first BYU class ever, Philosophy 214.  During the professor’s opening spiel, I realized that by the end of the semester, I would know everything in the syllabus.  I was so excited, and that same excitement has accompanied each first day for the past four years (which kind of went by quickly).

Another good Sunday

Not much to report.  We went to church.  We came home.  We ate grilled cheese.  I took a nap.  We ate lasagna.  We talked to my family.  We ate cookies.  We had a great (albeit low-maintenance) weekend.

In other news, Jason is enjoying his classes so far and I am still enjoying work.  I think we’re settling into a comfortable routine.

Last week’s weather was amazingly pleasant, but this week is going to be warmer.  Our apartment no longer smells like fish, which is great!  Someday we’ll have something interesting to write about…

The Pullans go to Kentucky

I think our camera battery was dead when my family was here last month.  Thankfully, Hannah is a prolific picture-taker, so I stole some of her pics to commemorate their visit.  I figured I should probably put them up before their trip is eclipsed by photos from our next one…

I think we played Mental Floss four or five times while my family was here (great gift, Roni).  It’s a little more fun with more than two people, although Jason and I do make a formiddable team.  Grant and Dad would have been a force to be reckoned with if they had gone with Grant’s answers more frequently.

We also played Boggle (also known as my favorite game ever).  Note the expressions of intense concentration…

While we cooked dinner on Sunday, someone in our building set off the fire alarm and (unlike at our building in D.C.) the fire department came.  They actually sent three trucks.  It was a blast.

Our food usually isn’t photo-worthy, but I thought this was kind of pretty.

Finally, Jason and me at Billy’s B-B-Q for my birthday lunch with the fam. 

Things in Kentucky continue as usual.  It’s been kind of overcast and rainy here, but we are grateful for the respite from upper-ninety degree temperatures.  Jason enjoyed orientation yesterday and I am still enjoying work.  Nothing new to report.

Funny the way it is

This is the third year that the Frosts (back then the Frost and Pullan, actually) have had tickets to see Dave Matthews Band at USANA in August.

2008: Cancelled.

2009: Cancelled.  We went to P.F. Chang’s instead.  Chinese food did little to assuage our sadness.

2010: The show goes on (finally).  Now we live in Kentucky.  Lame.

Instead of concerting tonight, we are enjoying Jason’s last day of summer by listening to the new David Gray CD and doing our laundry.  Fun stuff.

Severe Weather

Today we in Kentucky have been issued a severe weather warning, a heat advisory, and a severe weather advisory.  It’s raining right now…severely.

In other news, new undergrads are moving in right now, so driving near our house is a nightmare.  I went for a (brief) run this morning and almost charged right into a quad full of tents, hall advisors, and carts (so you don’t have to actually carry your belongings, I guess).  While my initiation into BYU-sanctioned housing was hardly as elaborate, I couldn’t help but think of my first day in the dorms after seeing all the little undergrads.

Later, I waited for a traffic light to turn red with an incoming freshman and his parents.  The mother was–to her son’s chagrin–taking pictures of everything; I thought it was nice.  I’ll have to get a photo of Jason on his first day of grad school.


The Connecticut plates have been replaced with the (strangely similar looking) Kentucky plates.  We’re officially (sort of) Kentucky-dwellers.  This funny state we live in does not require emissions testing; just another fun little benefit of the Bluegrass.  They do, however, have a hotline where you can report your neighbors who have not registered their car in the state of Ky.  These insubordinate rascals are called “Free Riders,” apparently for not paying the taxes that maintain Kentucky’s roads.  Interesting.  Good thing we must no longer live in fear of vigilante neighbors.

Summer is (almost) over

Jason starts school in 1.5 weeks and we have officially been in Lexington for three months.  Where did the summer go?!

This week we…

watched a live Arcade Fire concert on YouTube and it was unequivocably awesome.

tried the Chinese Chicken Salad recipe that Kerry sent us.  It was amazing and we are going to eat it again tonight.  Thanks!

house sat again for my friend Kim, which means our apartment now feels lonely without two friendly cats and a dog.  Jason saw someone in our apartment complex with an illegal cat, but I don’t think we’re up for that kind of risk.

cooked crab-stuffed sole, rice pilaf, and steamed green beans for lunch today.  Delicious.

I think that’s all.  Who knew we were so boring?