My toes were frozen

I just read that ESPN’s College Game Day is coming to Salt Lake City this week. We went in Provo last year with Dave (at 5:00 AM!). It was fun, but I’m not completely bummed that we won’t be there for it this year.
Thinking about it mostly just makes me miss Dave.

The Frosts have a productive Saturday

  1. We got up early and helped clean the church.
  2. We went to Target.
  3. We purchased gray and lavender running shoes for me (yay!) and had my ring cleaned.
  4. We went grocery shopping.
  5. We cleaned our apartment from top to bottom.
  6. We cut up the vegetables for our dinner tomorrow.

Now we’re watching the UK vs. MSU game and the Air Force vs. Utah game (two different tabs in the web browser).  It’s been a great day.

Pumpple Cake*

*a.k.a. something I do not want to cook.

It’s a pumpkin pie baked into a chocolate cake topped with an apple pie baked into a vanilla cake.  I’m all for wacky food combinations (pluots, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, etc.)  This, however, does not sound appetizing at all.

Things I want to cook…

1. S’more pie.  Oh my.

2. Bryn’s caramel apples. 

3. The Tomato/Basil/Parmesan soup recipe from this month’s BYU magazine (possibly the only useful thing from the publication…)

4. Halloween sugar cookies.  Thanksgiving sugar cookies.  Christmas sugar cookies.

5. Hannah’s cherry cookies.

6. Lasagna soup.  Roni and my mom made this on Tuesday night and hearing about it made me crave it.  I think it could make a perfect election night meal.

7. French bread.  My Grandma Pullan gave me a book of her recipes when I got married and I’ve been meaning to try the french bread since.

A list, because my posts lack a narrative arc

1. It’s the end of a very long week.  I was sick.  Jason is sick.  Work was busy.  I’m looking forward to Saturday and Sunday. 

2. Last night, Jason and I went to the kick-off keynote speaker for the Patterson fall conference.  I don’t remember the name of the speaker, but he had served as US Ambassador to the UN, Greece, and Canada.  He spoke on European integration issues and was pretty interesting (though I’m apparently not as well-versed in European politics as I like to think I am).  I’m excited to hear how today’s conference sessions went.

3. Tonight is the ward Halloween party.  Jason can’t come (thanks to the fall conference) and I gave up trying to think of a costume.  Halloween is less fun as childless adults.

4. I don’t care where we live someday, as long as it’s here.

5.  This school year is going by very fast.  I’m sure Jason would disagree (since he is the one who has to do all of his readings), but it feels to me like August was not that long ago.  34 days until Thanksgiving!

6. We received our voter registration confirmations, so we are good to go for November 2!

The Oven vs. Amanda

Good news: only 1/4 of the brownies were burned.  It was really strange; one side of the pan was crispy all the way through, but the last 3/4 seemed okay.  I covered them in a sweetened condensed milk/coconut/chocolate topping just in case.  I blame this uneven cooking phenomenon on our oven, but it’s probably my fault.  Either way, I ate loads of brownies last night and plan to finish them off today.