Lest y’all worry

We did make it to Connecticut on Christmas Eve.  The flight out of Kentucky left on time and there wasn’t any snow in Chicago when we arrived.  Our plane had unspecified mechanical difficulties, so we were delayed a whole ten minutes.

We also celebrated Christmas.

We went to the gym this morning and now we’re heading to the reception.


Oh yeah, we were also in a blizzard.

On our way!

We will never fly out of Louisville again.  We waited in line to check our bag for approximately three minutes and didn’t wait in line at all at security.  The staff here is pleasant, Christmas music is playing, and there are poinsettias.  We like Lexington.

Christmas Eve Eve Eve

We celebrated Christmas tonight, since we’re going to be in CT for real Christmas and wanted to a) enjoy our tree and b) not tote our gifts up to New England. We had turkey (a first try), mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and rolls. Yum. We even used a tablecloth. After dinner, we opened presents and watched White Christmas, about which Jason was a very good sport.

It was a fun night.

Tomorrow: packing! We can’t wait for our trip.

Hello, Christmas break!

Yes, Christmas vacation has officially begun (for me).  Jason has been enjoying the break since last Thursday.

Today I had to run an errand to another building and someone asked if I was an intern.  Ouch.  I hope her conjecture was based on my youthful demeanor, rather than that I appeared incompetent.

We watched the West Wing Christmas episode from season one tonight.  “Nothing says Christmas like animal fables in iambic verse.”  Excellent.

Only three more days until we head to Connecticut!

5 Days of (West Wing) Christmas

We discovered today that there are five Christmas episodes of The West Wing.  There are also five days until we head off for Christmas.  Thus, we will be celebrating the season with one episode per night.  I like this plan very much.

In other news, we went to church.  We ate lunch.  Jason read.  I crocheted.  We ate diner.  Jason did the dishes.  I dried.  Jason read.  I crocheted.  Sundays are very nice.

Not quite

My reaction to our extreme weather when I woke up this morning: “Nothing happened!  We won’t even get a two-hour delay.”

Wrong.  What I couldn’t see was the veneer of thick, slick ice covering the snow…and we did get a two-hour work delay.

Still, I don’t think the storm lived up to the hype.

Tuesdays are pretty good too.

Wonderful things from today:

By the time this posts, Jason will be finished with his second final. 

This morning, Mary and I went to the post office before work.  A little elderly woman there told me I had the most beautiful eyelashes and asked what kind of mascara I use.  I like it when strangers are nice; it was a great way to start my Tuesday.

Godiva chocolates at work.  Oh my goodness.

Jason’s secret gift shipped.  I’m notoriously bad at buying gifts for Jason, but I think he’ll like this one.

It was 3 degrees fahrenheit when I woke up this morning (according to my little weather widget).  I’m not sure this is a wonderful thing, but it at least made me feel hard core when I left for work.

Complain about the weather? Not me…

We had a two-hour delayed start at work today because of last night’s snow.  Mary called me at 6:45ish (since we are cable-less and I don’t usually check the UK website in the morning anyway), so I was able to go back to bed and sleep for another hour or so.   It was a wonderful Monday surprise.

Jason took his first exam this evening.  Only two more tests until he is completely done with his first semester of grad school.  When he came home, we ate leftover pie, which I thought was appropriately celebratory.

Look! It’s still snowing.

I love Sundays.  I also love not having to study for finals, unlike this nice grad student I know.

Today Jason went to beautiful Liberty, Kentucky, to give a talk in the branch down there.  I wanted to go, but was already committed to Primary.  He had a good time and said the drive down is just beautiful.  I’m secretly hoping we get asked to go again soon (but not while it’s snowing) because I want to see what it’s like.

Sometimes I think I should write thought-provoking posts here, and then I can’t think of anything thought-provoking to write about.  Thus, our blog continues to be a compendium of what we eat.