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My dad sent me the pictures from our Lexington to Virginia trip a while ago and I forgot to ever put them up. Looking through them reminded me how incredibly tired we all were, which explains all of our dazed expressions.

Our glorious doorstep.

Our kitchen table/IKEA desk. I am almost certain this photo was taken at 2:30 A.M.

Our well-constructed bed and dresser (and the lifesaving orange IKEA toolkit).

The trio of travelers.

Before my dad left, we drove to the apartment in Rosslyn where my parents lived when I was born. 

I’m so glad my dad was willing to come help us out. We had a great time together ad it was so helpful to have another set of hands.  Hope to see him–and the rest of the fam–again soon.

It’s hard to believe we moved in only three months ago and that Virginia now feels like home.

happy happy*

General Conference weekend! I think we’ve been house-sitting during the last three GCs; it feels weird to be without pet companionship. I ordered some yarn for a during-conference crocheting project, but it is currently in Des Plains, IL, a place I didn’t know existed until today, but suddenly wish was much closer to Virginia.

I ran/elliptical-ed 25 miles this week, which is the most I’ve done in a while. The highlight was an awesome six-miler on Thursday. My knee didn’t hurt and I just didn’t want to stop. Feeling like old Amanda again. Now, to find a good race to sign up for.

Trying out this lasagna bolognese tomorrow. It’s a big deal for us to try a new lasagna recipe. Fingers crossed. The sauce is on the stove and currently smells A-mazing, so I’m optimistic.

UK vs. Louisville tonight at 6 PM! I think my bracket is beating Jason’s, but it’s a hollow victory since I created them both. He’ll still owe me dinner, though.

Four-day workweek coming right up, thanks to Good Friday. I’ve never had Good Friday off before. I’m excited.

*I think Hannah will be okay with me borrowing her catchphrase today, since she is many miles away saying “feliz feliz!” instead.

life, lately

I’ve been pretty lazy about blogging lately, primarily because there are only so many times I can announce how much I adore spring and having Jason back and eating food.

I got my highest one-man Cheese vs. Font score.

I roasted asparagus. I read another book about Hemingway and loved it, even though he was a total jerk. I stubbed my toe on some weights (gosh, who would leave those in the middle f the living room?) and am pretty sure I broke my baby toe; this is not the grossest picture of the damage. I went to work.

We made delicious rolls on Sunday.

I started (and finished) A Homemade Life, which made me want to become a food blogger (or at least someone who goes to Paris and cooks with fennel).

the best

I made out like a bandit gift-wise last night


…but the best present is having this guy home again.


spring in the air!

Yesterday I finished the workday at main campus, so I walked to the metro through Georgetown. It was sunny and warm and perfect.

Passing the Barlow Center, I thought about two-years-ago me walking to and from Foggy Bottom. I remember being overwhelmingly uncertain; while there, we decided where Jason would go to grad school and when we would move and I hunted for jobs in a place I’d never seen before. I think we both assumed we’d return, but didn’t realize the intervening years would be so much fun and that we would love Kentucky so much.

Now that we are back, our circumstances are better than I ever could have imagined as Congressional Intern Amanda–for which I’m very glad–and days like yesterday remind me of why we fell in love with this funny place to begin with.

my week, in three photos per day








thursday conversations

Yesterday a homeless woman told me my dress was really pretty. Then she asked if I had a dollar “to save our Lord Jesus”.

I went to a J. Reuben Clark Society Q & A about Mormons (I do consider myself pretty versed in Mormonism; my intent in going was to meet the other church members who work in my building). When I walked in, the senior sister missionary said, “Oh, you must be a law student. I can just tell.” I assured her I was not, and then she started telling me about what missionaries are. I awkwardly explained that I was already a member of the church. I guess I don’t have that proverbial glow about my countenance.

Lunch was served at the Q & A. I was partway through my wrap when the boy next to me (an actual law student) asked if I wanted a napkin. He procured a crumpled one from his backpack, handed it to me, and advised “Be prepared”. Does this mean I’m a messy eater?

Saturday night


Jason taking a picture of me taking a picture | finished The Unconsoled. If anyone else has read it, we need to talk | late night suit coat button reinforcement | the recipe for cauliflower soup, which we made last week and loved. Yes, the instructions are scrawled on a napkin. No recipe makes it onto a recipe card in the recipe binder without being tested–and mutually approved–first.

And we’re back

…from a self-imposed, for-no-real-reason hiatus. I jut haven’t felt like writing lately.

My Grandma Henderson passed away last Saturday. I thought about going out for a couple days and pored over plane tickets on Saturday and Sunday, but it just didn’t seem like the right thing to do. I’m glad I stayed back now, but also wish I could’ve been there for my familia. My grandma was a funny lady. Jason commented the other day that when she was born in 1919, few people owned cars; now, almost everyone carries essentially a pocket-sized computer. I’m really glad she and my Grandpa H moved out to Utah when they did. My brother and sisters and I got to know and spend precious time with them. Maybe I will write more about this later, but maybe not.

Not much else is new with the Frosts. We work, we eat, we sleep. Last Saturday we went to the Lost Dog Cafe, which we very much like. Maybe someday we’ll try their pizzas. We are enjoying our primary class, even though none of our object lessons turn out and the kiddos make fun of my chalkboard handwriting. During the week, I read a lot on the train. I’ve averaged one book per week since starting my job (so if anyone has recommendations, send ‘em my way). Jason is doing well also. Life is good.

thrilling adventures of amanda via iphone

20120302-213916.jpg20120302-213929.jpgtrees on a lovely sunny morning | my mid-afternoon kiwi | ensalada para almuerzo | things i found while cleaning out my new desk: a screwdriver, clothespin (C-47s in the industry), a single birthday candle, a pin back, and a million rubberbands | reading hemingway on the shuttle. got to work right when the bridge blew up and spent the rest of the day wondering how the guerrilla attack would end | tulips from friendly visiting teachers | sunset | getting creative in my journal, à la president uchtdorf