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(belated) Heard in Kentucky: two related things

1. Mary told me about an ex-boyfriend who was a sommelier.  I didn’t tell her at the time, but–having never heard the term “sommelier” before–I thought she was saying he was from Somalia.  Thankfully, I contextualized her story before asking when he’d immigrated or something equally dorky.

2. This might explain why “keg standing” was new to me.

Heard in Kentucky: Dividing the assets

Mary: (while cleaning out her desk before moving away) This is so sad; I’m bequeathing my snacks.  Any of y’all have a specialty food drawer for this ketchup?

Heard in Kentucky: Good reason to stay awake

Jason: “I was going to take a nap, but I found a live video stream of Al-Jazeera…in English!”

Heard in Kentucky: That sounds dangerous

Sue: …and then they started shooting beer.
Amanda: With guns?

In my defense, I thought maybe shooting up beer cans with firearms could be enjoyable for drunken revelers. I never considered that the infinitive of shooting beer might be “to drink shots.”  Oops.  Where’s Mary when I need clarification about alcohol?

Heard in Kentucky: How much?

On the side of a bus: 25 cent quarter hot dogs every Tuesday!

Does this mean $1 gets you a whole hot dog?  Interesting.

Heard in Kentucky: Tasty.

Location: Ramsey’s (where we went for lunch yesterday to celebrate my birthday.  More on that later).

Diner #1: Yes, I’ll have the fried catfish.

Diner #2: And I’ll have the chicken livers.

I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for either of those foods in Utah.  Perhaps someday Jason and I will be courageous enough to try really unique southern food; I am curious about the deep-fried corn advertised on the Ramsey’s menu.

Heard in Kentucky: Dear Mom…

Today someone referred to miniature golf as “putt putt.”  Now I feel bad that I made fun of you for calling it that.

Date night

For the last few weeks, NPR has been advertising a new exhibit at the International Museum of the Horse (just one of Lexington’s many attractions) called “Gift from the Desert: The Art, History, and Culture of the Arabian Horse.”  We listened to an interview with a curator, who explained that the museum recognizes “that each breed is special,” but that the Arabian horse is particularly noteworthy.  Who knew?

We did not visit the International Museum of the Horse for our Friday night date; we’re waiting until family and friends come to visit so they can experience the wonder of the Arabian horse as well (just kidding!).  Instead, we went to the mall to spend a gift card I’d received from my family for Christmas.  I scored two button-up shirts and still have funds remaining on the card.  Thank you, Mom and Dad!  Incidentally, the mall looks and smells like the Orem mall.

After our successful foray to New York & Co., we came home and cooked dinner together.  We had two pizzas: pepperoni/green pepper and alfredo/chicken/pineapple (on half)/tomato.  Muy bien.  After dinner, we had ice cream and watched a couple episodes of “Lost.”  It was a nice evening.

It’s Ver-SAILS

There’s a road in Lexington called Versailles Road.  Versailles.  As in the de facto capital of France from 1682 to 1789, usually pronounced “ver sigh.”  Jason and I learned this week that the appropriate pronunciation–for native Kentuckians–is “ver sails.”  It may take a while for we outsiders to make the change.