our life, bulleted

  • All the undergrads moved out of the dorms.  Hallelujah!  Parking is once again plentiful.
  • We talked to our awesome moms and wonderful grandmas yesterday, since we  can’t be with them to celebrate Mother’s Day.  We are blessed to have such wonderful women in our life–including our sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends.  Y’all are great! (See how I pretend to be southern…)
  • I feel like we’re on a summermoon (like a honeymoon, but we already had one of those).  I still have work, obviously, but having a homework-free husband is fun.
  • Not too long until the Utah trip.  List of activity/eating goals coming soon.
  • Read this today.  Very worthwhile.  Just what I needed right now.

Color of the year

I don’t spend a lot of time blogging about my attire, but I realized this morning that I’ve been on quite a wardrobe roll this week. 

Monday: black cardigan + dark-charcoal-almost-black skirt

Tuesday: black button-down shirt + black pinstripe pants

Wednesday: black (with tiny white polka-dots) shirt + black skirt

Thursday: black sweater + black pants with light gray plaid pattern

I better inject some color into my apparel before this gets depressing.


Grant turned twelve last week.  That seems impossible and makes me feel old.

Final Four party (two weeks late).  Photo stolen from Taryn’s blog.

I called to get a new copy of our marriage license (since our original says we were married by someone named Gary).  I became very frustrated that no one would answer the phone at the Utah County Clerk’s office before realizing it was 6:00 AM Utah time.  Nice.

**Update to the marriage license saga**
Apparently to change anything about your license, you have to go to the party who filled in the license info (in our case, the Mt. Timpanogos Temple) and have them fill out a new form detailing the mistake AND everyone involved has to sign it before a notary in the issuing state–including the people whose license it is, who may or may not live in Kentucky. 

Right now, I’m having a hard time caring what our marriage license says. My name is correct. Jason’s name is correct. I feel good about that.

I think I really need this to manage my food-not-touching thing.

Lexington is under a Special Weather Warning today and tonight.  Apparently we are supposed to get major thunderstorms coming in from Oklahoma.  Good thing I work in a basement and do not live in a mobile home.  When I got home from work, it was sunny, so I’m not sure if the meteorologists are right…

I ate a lot of chocolate-covered grapes today.  Those things are amazing–so much more delicious than they actually sound.  Many thanks to Lisa for first making me sample them and to Kim for bringing in the ones I munched on today.

Crafty? Why, that’s my middle name!

I wanted to find a cross stitch pattern that I didn’t hate and could work on during General Conference this weekend.  While that goal is yet unmet, I did find this crazy site that will turn your digital photos into cross stitch patterns for you!  This is JUST what we need for the our apartment (or not).

The scariest thing about the above pattern is our faces. Ugh.

I like the wedding cake much better, but why would I spend hours needling this when I could just stick the original picture on the wall?  I suppose I have no appreciation for the domestic arts.

I could probably get Jason to help me on this one:

Or this one.Lovely.  Something tells me I won’t be cross stitching on Saturday.