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home run weekend

Saturday was rated a 10/10 by the Capital Weather Gang–because DC is the most weather-obsessed city ever–so we decided to use our last standard at-home weekend in a while to take in a Nationals game.

The weather actually was perfect: 75 degrees, no humidity, and a light breeze. We took the metro in for the 12:05 p.m. start.

I really like Nationals Park.

After the fourth inning the Nats were ahead by something like six runs, so we had ourselves some Italian sausages with peppers and onions. So good.

I’m not sure if this is a this-year thing (because I don’t recall it from previous games), but the Nats fans have appropriated a version of the “C-A-T-S Cats Cats Cats!” UK cheer, but instead of a deep cheer at the end, it’s this sort of helium-voiced “WHOOOOOOO!” which made me laugh every time.

20140601-123947.jpgIn the evening we went to Trader Joe’s and Safeway (twice, after forgetting to pick up dish soap and a card). I had a moment of pride at Safeway. Our checker, in an attempt to be more personable than the Safeway checkers tend to be, suggested we each wager a guess as to the final bill. I guessed within $0.41. Yeah, I’m a savvy grocery-shopper. Jason was off by $7.

We ate barbecued chicken twice-baked potatoes for dinner and watched Monuments Men, which we have been meaning to do for some time. I knew George Clooney was in it, but the rest of the cast was a (pleasant) surprise.

“Hey, is that Lord Grantham?”
“Hey, is that Phil Connors?”
“Hey, is that the guy from Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show?”
And, at the very end, “I didn’t realize that was Cate Blanchett!?”

On Sunday Jason had early-ish meetings and I walked to church, but didn’t give myself quite enough time to freshen up before sacrament meeting, so I was a little red  in the face and sweaty. The walk is a cool two miles, after all, a distance I consistently cover in less than 30 minutes. We went home and read a bit and I took a nap and then we headed to an Eastern Orthodox wedding.

Best news of the week: Jason’s mom is coming to see us!

highlights, saturday

- Dave and I headed out for a bright and early (and chilly) run to finish off those last stubborn miles of 2013. For not running since his mission, Dave is a champ!
- We all went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which was fantastic!

- Post-movie, we dined at the Front Street Bistro.

- We got home just in time to catch up on BYU’s second disappointing sports outing of the week.

- Jason joined the rest of us for another rousing game of Scrabble!

- We all sat around playing innumerable rounds of QuizUp. Dave is good at all the categories, especially US States. Jason’s mom is awesome at Children’s Literature. I am still seeking my QuizUp niche. Jason fell asleep on the couch.

christmas-y things and a reunion

Last week my office celebrated nondenominational wintertime holiday party three of four by visiting the capitol Christmas tree and the botanical garden.20131216-092804.jpg

The botanical garden, as it turns out, is pretty awesome at Christmas time. There’s a pretty big model of the mall, with the buildings made of plant-based materials (bark, I guess?). To be honest, I initially thought the capitol was made of chocolate. 20131216-104928.jpg

The party went long and I ended up meeting my dad at the metro around 7 PM. There was insane traffic (more to come on Friday), so we didn’t get home until after 7:30. By then I didn’t really feel like cooking, so we went to Nielsen’s. Now, I love Nielsen’s, but their customer service that night was not great. The sandwich station had apparently been put away, so we had frozen custard for dinner. Jason also had a soup and my dad ordered a soup, but let’s just say Nielsen’s does custard better than soup.

Friday was Christmas party four of four and the day my dad left for Utah. I woke up at 5 AM to bake pistachio cookies for Jason’s work Christmas party. I grossly overestimated the time it would take to bake them, so I had time to also make a big breakfast, unload and reload the dishwasher, and finish a book.

On Friday night, Jason and I had plans to meet up with the Oswalds and Grant, some of our favorite Bluegrass Ward friends. Traffic, it turns out, was once again horrible, so Grant and I waited at the metro for an hour while Jason battled to drive four miles in that time. We did all make it to Cafe Rio (of course) in one piece and actually ended up right behind el auto de Oswald in the last turning lane. There was much catching up and eating of nostalgic salads and cooing over adorable children, which by and large made for a wonderful evening, traffic notwithstanding. The thing I hate about moving so much is missing people that we like, which is definitely true of the Laytons.

We took Grant to Trader Joe’s for some stocking up, then dropped him off at the metro.

Saturday morning I went for a bold earlyish morning run with a friend from our ward. I haven’t had a running buddy in some months and it felt good to run outdoors. It was pretty cold out and even started snowing the tiniest little bit at the beginning. Worth it to feel hard core.

The rest of Saturday: naps on the couch, reading, watching of basketball, ward Christmas party with excellent food, Trader Joe’s, listening to the BYU-Utah basketball game until I couldn’t take it anymore and fell asleep. Jason stayed up because he is a true fan (or a masochist).

snowy days

We got back to beautiful (snowless) Virginia on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday was a long back-to-the-real-world adjustment, but Friday was my first of four work holiday parties, so I got home a little early and took a nap.

On Saturday morning, we picked up my dad and headed to the temple. Afterward, we stopped at Silver Diner for breakfast. I feel sort of a ridiculous amount of pressure to provide memorable dining experiences when we have visitors, and I’m glad Dad enjoyed Silver Diner as much as we do. The Oaxaca omelette is where it’s at, I tell you. We dropped my dad off at the metro and went home to get ready for a Christmas party we thought started at 5. Upon further inspection of the invitation, we discovered it had started at 3 and we’d essentially missed it. Instead, we spent a quiet night at home.

Sunday brought our first snow of the year! The second and third hours of church were cancelled and Jason only had early meetings. Hooray!

We went to church, got home a little after 2 PM (I could get used to that) and settled in to read while our turkey and black bean chili simmered away in the crock pot. I woke up a few hours later and got supper on the table, after which we played half a game of Settlers.

Jason and I both had a delayed start on Monday morning, thanks to icy conditions. I am a huge proponent of the delayed start.

Tuesday morning was when the real fun began, though. Right around rush hour time, we had heavy snow, to the tune of 3-4″. Jason was off, along with everyone else in D.C., and I opted to work from home. Highlights of the day included surprise donuts for breakfast because Jason is the best, spending an entire weekday together, and finishing our Settlers game with my dad in the afternoon.20131211-160344.jpg

I don’t think a few more snow days this year is too much to ask.


of falling leaves and reading

I haven’t been as intoxicated with fall this year as I was last year (and the year before and the year before that, but Kentucky autumn is the best so there’s not really a comparison). Then this weekend we drove to Trader Joe’s and all the leaves were vibrant and beautiful and I was sold.

Granted, Fall Bingo has been going on for some time.

Prior to our Trader Joe’s outing, we made an early morning trip to our brand new Wal-Mart. We don’t go to Wal-Mart and Target very often. In fact, I think my last Wal-Mart experience occurred in Utah two months ago. It’s just far away and at our Target you have to park in a GARAGE, which just makes shopping there seem trying. Our new Wal-Mart is close and has a (small) parking lot in addition to the garage and, wait for it, an abstract sculpture out front. The Payson Wal-Mart does not feature an abstract sculpture. All Wal-Marts smell the same, though, and all feature far-too-early Christmas decorations. I swear, if I heard “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” one more time…

Saturday afternoon was spent eating pizza, watching football, generally lounging, and speed reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix so we could go to the library before it closed to get the sixth book. We made it just in time and I picked up the sixth and seventh books (and three other unrelated books for good measure). Our library is in the middle of a park, so we explored the walking trails for a bit and enjoyed some spectacular fall foliage. In the evening we went out to Silver Diner (much better food than you would think with a name like that) with friends and discovered we are too old or too boring or both to live in Clarendon.

On Sunday we enjoyed the fruits of Daylight Savings Time and I walked to church in short sleeves and balmy weather. We had dinner with friends and brought this salad. Highly recommend. When we got home I finished Book 6 and started in on Book 7 with a vengeance. The series is even better than I remember (which may be because I last read books 5-7 ten, seven, and six years ago). Someday I will make Jason read them and he will love them too.

home weekend + an awkward moment

On Friday night we had friends over to watch the BYU vs. Boise State game. Jason cleaned the entire apartment (including vacuuming. The man also does all our laundry. I’m not sure how I got so lucky.) and I made slow cooker beef sandwiches with pickled peppers from Southern Living for dinner. The game was a good one and we had a nice time.

This weekend marked the first in five weeks that we were both home. We went for a fall run Saturday morning, watched some football, went to the library, and had leftovers for dinner. In the evening we watched the Sox game while I made s’mores popcorn for my Beehive lesson on Sunday. I should note that instead of adding the chocolate chips as instructed I drizzled the finished product with melted chocolate. There might still be a little chocolate on my kitchen wall from enthusiastic flinging, but it worked nicely and was delicious.

Since I’m the secretary I rarely teach. This week, though, the Beehive advisors were all going to be out of town or super busy, so I was asked to step in. (Aside: the “Come Follow Me” lessons are so great–worlds better than the manual when I was in young womens.) The theme for October is “Developing Christlike Attributes” and I chose to teach the lesson on gratitude.

In the middle of the lesson, this happened:

ME: We should all remember to be thankful for our bodies.
(I look down and realize my third shirt button has popped open.)
ME: Ah! Button. (I quickly do it up.) Guess I’m just really proud of my body…
OTHER LEADER: You’re “busting” with pride.

Of course I could not stop laughing and neither could a lot of the girls. Way to drive away the spirit, Amanda.

highlights from a busy weekend

Like last year, I spent much of Friday and Saturday working at Reunion Weekend. Last year I was exhausted and spilled red kabob sauce on my lavender shirt that I had to wear the rest of the day. This year was much better.

- Jason came to hang out with me at the class party on Friday night.

- I wasn’t assigned to come in on Saturday until 11:45 AM, which was a beautiful thing. Also, it only takes 25 minutes to drive to work on weekends, a fact that is both awesome and depressing.

- The bulldog was around for photos.

- There were three food trucks on campus schilling complimentary wares to Reunion goers. I enjoyed pizza, chicken masala, and popcorn for lunch.

- Throughout the afternoon Jason texted me updates on the BYU-Houston matchup. He’s nice.

- I went to the gym during a short break around 3:30 PM and had the worst run of my entire life. I blame this on the aforementioned pizza, Indian food, and popcorn. Note to self: if you usually run in the morning on an empty stomach, think long and hard before attempting an afternoon run on a very full stomach. You’re welcome.

- Post run, I tried to dry my hair and it looked terrible so I settled for a sort of updo. What you don’t get from this picture is the rockin’ dutch (or upside-down) braid going across the back of my head and ending in the side bun. Skills.

-The gala was at the National Building Museum, which is actually a really cool space. I caught up with the other Georgetown Law Mormon and my very good friend Katie, who looked awesome and made me think maybe I should reconsider my personal ban on lipstick.20131022-095057.jpg
(Also: my dress has pockets! So handy.)

- Post-dinner my coworkers had fun with the step and repeat.

- I ate two s’mores on a stick, picked up my car, and was home in time for the last two innings of the Red Sox ALCS-winning game.

another saturday

We had a third (fourth if you count YW on Tuesday) social outing this week on Friday. We had the Carters over for dinner, played frisbee, and went to Nielsen’s for frozen custard. This was Jason and my first Nielsen’s experience and we will be back. After Elayna and Mitch went home, we stayed up late watching the Nats lose to the Braves.

Saturday we got up early and hit Trader Joe’s before the throngs of soccer mom shoppers descended at ten. We had donuts for breakfast, then headed out to find me some new running shoes.

I know I should theoretically replace my shoes every five hundred miles (or slightly more or slightly less, depending on who you talk to), but I get into a good relationship with a pair and don’t want to let them go–even if they have pinky toe holes and smell like death, as my current shoes do. My Mizunos have done about 1,200 miles with me, though, so it was time.

We went to Road Runners in Falls Church because Pacers in Clarendon is a pain to get to on weekends and we loathe driving to Fairfax. I found the new version of my old shoes, which seemed like a good match. Then I tried the foot xerox machine to see what size my feet actually are. Turns out the right is slightly larger than the left. Huh. Then I had my gait analyzed, which always seems a little silly to me. The most ridiculous part of all, though, was when they made me a custom insole that I could purchase for “only $75.99!” No thank you!

The new Mizunos weren’t available in my size, but I found some Asics that I think I will like a lot. The color alone makes me excited to run.
We’d spent far longer at the shoe store than intended, so we had an early dinner when we got home and settled in to watch the Red Sox-Yankees game. As soon as it was over, we switched to the Nats game, which finally ended at 1 AM after fifteen innings. It was another unintentionally late night for the Frosts.

Oh, one other gem from Saturday: my dad shared my great-uncle(?)’s photo website with us, on which I discovered this great picture of us at the family reunion in Burlington, WY. It’s hard to believe the Pullan children used to be so little.

weekend eats

Friday was a rather awesome day. I had a work picnic out in Virginia, so I spent approximately two hours there and the rest of the day lounging at our complex pool. I finished my book, talked to my mom, and bought a box of graham crackers just because I love them. Jason got home early, which is always nice and even better when I’m actually home to greet him. The Carters very kindly invited us over for kabobs, which were like summer manna to those of us without a grill. Post-dinner we tossed a frisbee back and forth and I tried to redeem myself from Jason and my last game of frisbee, which occurred in the summer of 2008 and ended with a bloody lip for me because I am terrible at catching and throwing and pretty much all things of or related to frisbee.

The Carters also introduced us to Zinga!, the frozen yogurt sensation that is sweeping the ward. Two things won me over: the cup dividers, so one’s chocolate and fruity flavors don’t mix, and the wall-mounted candy dispensers. I’m always a little turned off by frozen yogurt topping bins that are within the reach of spitty toddlers, an issue solved by these hotel cereal-esque containers.

Saturday was a lazy day, punctuated by a matinee showing of The Way Way Back, and a trip to the grocery store. In the evening we ate pizza and read, as we so often do. We also put together a key lime icebox cake in anticipation of Sunday dinner.

Sunday. Church. I remembered mid-sacrament meeting that I’m teaching YW next week. Eek. Upon our arrival at home, we were greeted by the savory aroma of homemade meatballs simmering in the crock pot. We had meatball subs with green peppers and caramelized onions for dinner, followed by the aforementioned key lime icebox cake. Neither course disappointed. The evening was spent talking to family (or trying to, in the case of those Pullans) and crocheting and reading more. This was our first weekend at home together in five weeks and it was nice.

ocean city in a day

Weekends are the worst when my spouse is out of town, so I jumped at the chance to take a day trip with my also-temporarily-spouse-less friend Katie. She slept over last Friday night, and we got up early (five a.m. early!) Saturday morning to leave for Ocean City, Maryland. We arrived a little after 8:00 AM, when all the other beach-goers were still asleep in their relic-of-the-seventies boardwalk hotels.

We found free parking (a surprise bonus) and staked out our towel spot on the sand.

The water, as it turns out, is insanely cold in the morning. 20130715-143055.jpg

We lounged on the beach until the sun came out, then braved the water (which really wasn’t bad once you got used to it).20130715-143112.jpg

Katie was in charge of snacks, and brought lots of good Trader Joe’s treats: ginger cat cookies, grapes, granola bars, and buffalo chicken wraps for lunch.

After lunch, we walked down the boardwalk. I expected Ocean City to be like Topsail, which is not the case at all; it’s actually akin to Lagoon (for the uninitiated: a theme park in northern Utah, home to many a spring field trip for the junior high+ set).
We also walked out on the pier, which is pretty and smells like fish.
I took a brief nap (understandable, considering our early start), and we headed back to the greater DC area around 4 PM. We had dinner at Uncle Julio’s, which was delicious, and called it a (very long) day. I was a religious sunscreen applicator, but apparently need Jason around to spray my back and triceps, which are currently more than a little painful.

Thanks to Katie for suggesting such a great trip! It was a ridiculously fun day.