all by myself (sort of)

Jason is away and DC continues to rival the Pacific northwest in terms of gloomy raininess, so I spent the last week hunkered down. Monday I went to dinner with Courtney, which is always fun. Tuesday I think I did some much-needed grocery shopping and reading. (At last count I’ve only read 29 books this year, which is really off pace compared to 2014 and 2015. I blame too many vacations.) On Wednesday night I attended a work happy hour, which fortunately featured delicious food. Thursday I went to a good weights class at my gym. On Friday I made it home in record time (thank you, Metro!) and fell asleep for a while before making the traditional Frost Friday night pizza. I was ready for a very rainy weekend.

Saturday morning I woke bright and early before the rain even started. I got dressed and ready to go for a run, and exited my apartment just in time for a clap of thunder and the beginning of a downpour. Awesome. Instead, I decided to go to the temple. This time I didn’t even try to get into my temple dress (which to be fair I’m certain I could get zipped if someone helped me, but there’s no getting it done up on my own these days) and rented one of the lovely old lady ones. The rain had stopped when I exited a few hours later.

Judging from the number of children running around the grounds in coordinated pastel colors, there were several weddings happening that day, which of course made me think of our own rainy wedding. That was a good day.

I drove home and still the rain didn’t resume, so I went for a run. My shins were really tight (maybe from sitting for two hours?) so it wasn’t my most comfortable run ever, but I was glad I got it done. When I got home I made a pizza and talked to Brittney for an hour, which was of course great, and then I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up just before the library closed for the day, so I booked it (ha!) over to pick up some books on hold. My holding spree last week resulted in seven books becoming available all at once.

Since I’d eaten lunch kind of late I ended up having dinner at 9 p.m. while talking to Jason. Per usual, his dinner sounded more delicious than mine.

Sunday was, wait for it, rainy, so I didn’t walk in the morning. Church was good, and afterward I baked up some chocolate chip cookies. Then I took a nap, waking up right before I needed to leave for dinner at the Lloyds’. I’m so grateful for good friends who keep me from being too lonely while Jason’s away. I spent the rest of the evening talking to my mom, Jason, and Mio and Hannah, then fell asleep reading.



Today Little Frosty is 32 weeks gestated, which means we are 4/5 of the way through this pregnancy! According to my app, there are only 56 days left until his due date, which seems like a lot until I remember we’ve been doing this thing for more than 200 days already. Whew.

This is what 56 days looks like according to my work white board. 

 We ordered our rocking chair, which I love so very much. This is not a great picture of it (the laundry in the bottom right corner is a really nice touch). Anyway, it is so cool. We’ve also been starting to collect things from friends, like the bouncer below courtesy of the Oswalds and the boppy pillow courtesy of Kirsten. The drying rack is not baby-related.

According to the internet, Little Frosty is either the size of a construction hard hat or a bok choy or a loaf of bread or a 5kg jar of Nutella (I’m assuming that one is by volume?). Weird. He seems to be growing right on schedule if my doctor’s appointments are to be believed. He moves around a LOT these days. Yesterday I was in bed reading and turned to my side and it was like his whole mass shifted at the same time, which made my usually nice and round stomach look lopsided for a bit. It’s so weird having him around all the time, but I also think I will miss this.

I have not had any true die-if-I-don’t-eat-it cravings so far. Every once in a while something sounds really appealing for about fifteen seconds, but the feeling passes by the time we’ve exited the aisle. I eat a lot of dark chocolate and apples and eggs and zucchini and pizza. For a little while I was on a taco kick, but I think that sprung from jealous feelings about Jason eating good tacos while traveling rather than from pregnancy.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to still feel really great. I’m still running about ten miles a week (never on consecutive days)(and usually between a 9:30-10 minute mile)(ready to stop cold turkey when I get to the point that running no longer feels good) and still make it to the weights classes I like at my gym. I still don’t have any back or hip pain (though there’s certainly still time for that to kick in). Yesterday while I was out for a morning run I saw a mom running with a stroller. She gave me a thumbs up and yelled “Good job!” It made me happy, but also confirmed that I probably look a little ridiculous.

Yep. (Apologies for the bathroom selfie.)I’ve always been grateful that my gym is populated by busy law students and professors, but this does also mean I stand out.

Namewise we are still committed to Harvey Grant. I wonder almost constantly what he looks like and whether he’ll fit his name, but if he doesn’t we have no backups. Why are boy names so difficult?

Under Jason’s direction we cleaned out the apartment last Saturday. That man is good at many things, including organizing. We tossed or donated six bags of stuff (which is impressive considering we are not hoarders!) and made room in all our closets for baby belongings. Our apartment is definitely big enough to accommodate two adults and a tiny baby, but now I am especially confident that we won’t have to spend the next however long we live there with a stroller in the middle of our hallway. I’m so glad Jason instigated the clean-out, even if at the time I was not that excited about it.

The finish line is in sight, but I have a feeling the next eight weeks may drag. We do have good non-travel things to fill the time: lots of work, baby showers, and eventually making even one handmade item for this poor neglected kiddo. The full scope of how much our lives are about to change probably hasn’t hit me yet, and we continue to be so anxious to finally have Little Frosty in the world with us.

last Utah trip for a little while

We went to Utah two Thursdays ago for a wedding that ended up being postponed. Our tickets were non-refundable, so we made the most of a last have-to-fly-to-get-there vacation before Little Frosty arrives.

Here’s how our trip went.

Our flights went well and we got upgraded to first class on the second leg, so no complaints there. I read a lot of The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Hannah picked us up from the airport (bless her!).

We tried kolaches for the first time when we got to Payson. Jason crashed on the couch and I caught up with Hannah and my mom (and my dad once he returned from his run).

We met Dave and Rachel for dinner at Spicy Thai, then followed them to Jake and Justine’s. Kallie was not a fan of Jason. After Dave left she didn’t mind me, and we spent quite a long time playing with her jewelry. She is very cute.

I picked up some donuts at Payson Market, where I ran into Amelia’s sister Shaelyn. Small world!

Little Frosty hit 30 weeks.

My parents, Hannah, Jason and I attended Grant’s region tennis match. He is so good, and really fun to watch!

I had to get a picture with him too. So proud of the 12-year Pullan PHS tennis tradition.  

Mom, Jason and Hannah and I went to run some Mother’s Day errands.

We all met up with my dad and Roni at Sam Hawk for lunch. I don’t think we’d seen each other since Mio’s wedding a year and a half ago and it was pure serendipity that we were in Utah at the same time.

On the way home we stopped for ice cream.

The girl working there was a very good sport about letting us try all the flavors. Hannah’s cookie cone looked especially delicious.img_2235

We had cheese sticks and western sticks for dinner and Dave and Rachel and Garret came over to play the bowl game. Plus Dave wanted to show us his new car.

My dad and I went for a 4 mile run around Payson. I love a good Payson run, and it was fun to have time to talk to my dad.IMG_0261

Jason and I had lunch with Dave at Good Thyme, one of many Provo restaurants that wasn’t around when we were students.img_3478

We went to the Red Iguana for dinner, then to my grandparents’ house to hang out and catch up.

Grant and I made huevos rancheros for Mother’s Day breakfast (which turned out to be closer to brunch).

Hannah and Garret came down to go to church with us.

We got to videochat with Adam!! He sounds so great and so happy.

Dave came down for dinner and we had delicious Korean food. Afterward we headed up to Midvale for Mother’s Day ice cream sundaes with the Pullans. As always, a good time was had by all.

Hannah gave us a taco blanket for Little Frosty, and Dave gave us a tiny BYU polo onesie! This kid is already well-loved.   

My dad and I ran again, this time just three miles. We stopped for a bathroom break at the high school, which smells the same as it did ten years ago. In the debate team trophy case by the auditorium, Hannah is still listed as the debate team secretary. Guess she’s been slacking since 2008!

My mom and I went for a walk.

Jason and I met up with Jake, Justine and Kallie for breakfast at Cracker Barrel (fondly known to the Pullans as Cracker Belly). Kallie liked Jason much better this time around. 

We packed. I cried. What else is new?

We picked up my dad and Hannah and headed to the Arctic Circle in Draper so Jason could have his customary halibut sandwich. Then the fam dropped us off at the airport and we were on our way. 

I don’t need to live in Utah, but I wish it were within a day’s drive of Virginia. It’s so weird that next time we come (knock on wood) we’ll have a little buddy with us.


Frost Fiscal Year 7


I begin each of these posts with a variation on “How has it been X years already?” and “This year sure has been a good one.” Well, how has it been seven years and holy cow, this year has been a great/memorable/life-changing one, likely only to be rivaled by next year. The best part of this year was, as always, having Jason for a husband. He’s wonderful, and I’m so grateful for the life we have together.

So, what did we Frosts do in Fiscal Year 7? A lot of things.

We played a ton of tennis and went to our first Nats game of the season.IMG_1983
I accidentally attended a Spanish session at the temple while Jason was out of town.
The Eames chair arrived!
Adam graduated from high school.

Jason, world traveler, spent much of June away from home. We reunited to go to the Farrells’ wedding in New Jersey.IMG_2073
I watched many hours of tennis while Jason was gone.
Monica left on her mission.
My dad came to visit and we went to see Calexico.IMG_2038
We baby-sat for the first time in…ever.
The Payson Temple cultural celebration happened and I watched it alone in our apartment.
Jason attended his cousin Jenn’s wedding in CT.FullSizeRender

I bought new running shoes. At this point Dani and I were running quite a lot of miles.
For my twenty-seventh birthday I met up with Jason in Mexico for a very memorable Fourth of July weekend.IMG_2160
We had an amazing time and ate lots of incredible food. Definitely a highlight of FY7.IMG_2111-0
I bought a sewing machine!
I made scones (noteworthy because it hasn’t happened since).
Jason and I went to Laura’s wedding in Kentucky, which meant we got to stay with the Harris fam in Lexington and catch up with many old friends.IMG_2330
Adam left on his mission and we were terribly sad about it, but also excited for him.

Dani and I did a fun long run in the city.
On the way to the Schleicher’s wedding, we spent some quality time in Connecticut and hit the beach.IMG_2404
The wedding was great too, and we love any excuse to go to Maine.IMG_2443
We also spent some time hiking around the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
While we were out of town we were unceremoniously split off from our old ward and reassigned. Everything has worked out, though, and we love our new ward.
Grant came to see us!IMG_2533

Grant and I went to New York City to attend the U.S. Open. It was a blast! IMG_2607
I fell down while running and got some sick bruises and cuts. Awesome.
I had a party with my 13-turning-14-year-old Sunday School class from the old ward, since I wouldn’t be their teacher anymore.
My marathon training reached its peak with a 20-mile run in heavy rain, just like last year.
The pope came to DC, Jason traveled, and I went to a football game with my friend Lara. Oh, plus we watched quite a lot of BYU football at home.

Grant and I ran our second St. George Marathon and crushed our goal! We missed my dad and Adam.IMG_2744
We had a great weekend in St. George with the fam.IMG_2751-0

The rest of the month was really busy at work for us both.
After five years of thinking about it, we went to Sacramento to see Kiel and Emily! Such a great trip.IMG_2801

We found out we were expecting Little Frosty! This was a surreal, wonderful day.
My Uncle Derek came to visit and we went to see the Antietam Battlefield.IMG_2836
I hosted book club and recipe group.
From the middle of November until the end of December I was a little nauseated, so we didn’t eat many vegetables. Also, making the Thanksgiving sweet potatoes was torture. I couldn’t even look at them.
Thanksgiving itself was great, though! We had dinner with the Homers and the Sanders-Smiths.
The weekend of Thanksgiving we had the Homers and Evanses over to watch the BYU-Utah State football game.

I had my first doctor’s appointment and we got to see the baby.
Jason did not resist taking our yearly Christmas photo.Chirstmas 2015-12
We went on a whirlwind weekend trip to see John and Brittney in North Carolina.
We spent an evening at the temple lights with my friend Emily and her little boy. It was our first time, and the lights did not disappoint. We liked them so much that we took Dave on New Year’s Eve.
Jason decided to cut his hair very short, which I was nervous about but now love.
We told our families about our impending addition.img_2866
(It’s a Pullan joke. We have this really ugly plate that my dad’s aunt claims he made that says “Everyday is a mirrcle.” He says it’s not his, so we make fun of him.)
Jason and I spent Christmas in Connecticut with the Frosts and Dave’s friend Alex.img_2925
On the last day of December we got to see our little baby again, but this time he actually looked like a human instead of a gummy bear.

Dave came back to DC with us to do his internship.
We spent a frigid Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the Renwick Gallery. Very cool.img_2948
Our first major snowstorm of the year turned out to be a historic one! We were home from work two days and Jason spent hours and hours shoveling out our car.img_2979

We took a trip to Utah to celebrate Jason’s 30th birthday! He skied, I got sick, and we had a good time all around.img_3003
The Pullans threw us a baby shower, which was wonderful and made this whole having a baby thing seem much more real.img_2995
Just a few days after we got home from Utah, we found out Little Frosty is a boy!
We spent many Sunday dinners with Dave and his friends.

Metro was closed an entire day. That was weird.
Mary came to DC and we had lunch together.img_3094I voted in Virginia’s primary. My candidate won. Jason was out of town, so he missed out.
In Jason’s absence I watched quite a lot of basketball, including the BYU-Gonzaga game with Dave at the Barlow Center.
We went on a once-in-a-lifetime-before-kids trip to Spain.IMG_3411
It was amazing.img_3332-1

We enjoyed General Conference, and not going to church while jetlagged.
We finally made it out for Filipino food with Dave, after which we went stroller shopping (which we did not enjoy).
I went to my first baseball game of the season while Jason was away.
Jason’s mom came to visit for Dave’s last weekend in DC.
img_2218-1Jason had surgery and was a champ about it, and I hosted book club. The end.

Looking forward to FY8!!

Previous Fiscal Year Reports

recovery mode

 Jason had surgery two Thursdays ago, but it ended up being scheduled for late in the day so we spent the morning downtown looking at a rocking chair (which we really loved). 

I spent Friday home with him while he recuperated. Watching him hobble around made me reeeeeally dread my own hospital stay in under three months.

Saturday morning was cold and grim, but the afternoon ended up being nice. I made some cupcakes for our former ward’s luau. They were supposed to be pineapple-flavored, and the recipe I used did have pineapple in it but they ended up tasting like banana bread. Oh well.  

The party was fun and, per the old ward, very well planned. I was impressed. Plus the food was delish.

This week has been all about recovery. Jason was home from work Monday through Thursday on his own and he survived. Thursday was a pretty busy day at work for me, and then I had book club in the evening. This meant Jason was relegated to our bedroom with his wife-cancelling headphones. We discussed Notorious RBG, a pop biography of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The discussion was great and the frozen lime soufflé (RBG’s fave) that I made the night before did not disappoint. Whew!

Little Frosty is 29 weeks gestated, and I continue to feel really great. I know I’ll be huge and uncomfortable soon enough, so I’m trying to just enjoy every day. I haven’t had any back or hip pain yet, I’m still sleeping well, and I’ve been able to continue running (not far and not fast, but still). I have absolutely nothing to complain about. 

Little Frosty is growing (well, clearly we both are), and moves around throughout the day. I’m so curious about what he looks like. Supposedly this week he is the size of a cauliflower, and weighs 2.5 pounds. It’s fun to be able to feel not just his kicks, but actually where his little body is. There was an evening last week where Jason said “Wait! Is he curled up right there?” and indeed he was, as evidenced by my lopsided stomach. 

in which mom frost comes to see us and we say good-bye to dave 

Jason’s mom came to see us and Dave last weekend, since the semester is over and Dave is heading back to Utah to graduate (but also hopefully back here one of these days? It is my dream that one of our siblings will live near us someday. I’m working hard on Adam right now).

She and Jason both flew in Thursday. Jason spent Thursday afternoon cleaning the apartment because he is the best husband ever. We picked his mom up from the airport around 9:30 p.m., and headed back to our place. She brought us some adorable clothes for Little Frosty (including his first two hoodies!!) and a beautiful Robert Frost children’s book, which considering Jason’s deep and abiding love for the poet was a perfect gift.

The next day Jason and his mom went to his work for a tour and I just went to regular work. I left a little early so we could make our 5:45 p.m. reservation at Founding Farmers. (It was 5:45 p.m. or 8:45 p.m., and at 27 I am already too old for eating so late). We picked up Dave and Rachel from the metro and headed over. I love Founding Farmers, and Jason especially loves the fried chicken and Jefferson donut. Our dinner did not disappoint. Afterward we spent some time at the apartment chatting (but in the living room, not standing in the kitchen Pullan-style) before driving Dave back to the Barlow Center for the last time.

On Saturday we slept in (well, Jason and I did. We are lazy. Mom Frost got up early.) and Jason and I went for a quick two-mile run. I say quick, but it was a slow run because that is how I roll in trimester 3. We would learn on Sunday that a member of our stake presidency spotted us, so good thing we made it out! It was also a beautiful day, the likes of which we’ve not seen on a weekend this spring.

We decided to go to Annapolis for the afternoon, so we picked up Dave (and his belongings) and headed east. The parking options weren’t as plentiful as usual, which we would later learn was due to the yearly St. Johns-Navy croquet match, which is apparently a big deal. We finally found parking on the other side of the bridge (for free!). On our way to the waterfront we passed Boatyard Bar and Grill, where I ate at a work retreat last year and enjoyed very much, so we decided to stop for lunch. I accidentally told the hostess we had a party of five, forgetting that Rachel wasn’t with us anymore. Oops. Thankfully the table didn’t take long, though.

Lunch was awesome. I had a flounder BLT, which sounds weird especially considering my loathing of fish but it was so good.

Then we walked around Annapolis. Did you know the state house is the oldest in continuous use?

Then we got some ice cream, because that is what you do in Annapolis. Mine: strawberry. Jason’s: far superior raspberry (and I don’t even like raspberry. Maybe pregnancy really does do a number on your sense of taste?)

We walked back down to the water, then headed back to the car. I love an afternoon in Annapolis. 

When we got back home, Jason and Dave decided to play tennis, since during Dave’s semester-long stay in DC they were only able to play once. Colleen and I watched. We had pizza for supper, then got everyone packed up and ready for an early morning the next day.

Sunday morning Jason and Dave took Colleen to the airport around 5:45. I wouldn’t know exactly because I didn’t stir enough to say good-bye. Terrible daughter-in-law. Jason had meetings later that morning, so Dave and I had breakfast and a little lunch and he repacked his bag. Jason estimated that the larger suitcase weighed 48 pounds, so Dave was hesitant to put his scripture quad inside. I learned from the internet that a quad weighs 2.6 pounds, so he went with it.

We went to the first bit of ward conference and then I took Dave to the airport. We are so bummed he is leaving, and will definitely miss having him and his Barlow buddies over for Sunday dinner. Good thing we will see him in a few weeks!

Oh, and the final weight of his bag: 50.5 pounds, meaning Jason was right on in his estimation!

We are so grateful Colleen was able to make it down to see us! It was the perfect way to finish off Dave’s time here!  

back to real life…

We spent the first few days back in the United States waking up waaaay too early in the morning, but that was the only negative side effect of our traveling. We enjoyed General Conference the day after we got home, and had Dave and a friend over for the afternoon session and chicken shawarma. 

I had a work thing Monday, which meant getting home from work a little later than usual. Tuesday I went out with friends for Dani’s birthday. Wednesday Jason went to bishopric, which likely means I intended to be productive but read instead. I have no recollection of Thursday, and Friday we celebrated surviving a week of work, cooking, and not being together all the time. Bummer. 

On Saturday we went out for Filippino food with Dave, something we have fully intended to do the entire time he has been here. It’s too bad that we waited until the last week of his internship, because the Fairfax Inn has far better ethnic food than its name would suggest (though to be fair they also serve American-style breakfast). 

After lunch Jason and I tried to go stroller shopping, which we did not enjoy. There are too many stroller options in the world, and for being fairly smart people we could not figure out how to remove the car seat. Also, how in the heck are we supposed to know what we want? Or what Little Frosty will like? We even took a break from strollers and wandered around cribs and bedding for a while. Baby things are a racket; all they need is a (tiny) place to sleep and a few (tiny) clothes to wear. 

We gave up and will go again after we have done more research. For some reason Jason didn’t go for my alternative plan, which was to stick a car seat in a red wagon to haul around Little Frosty.

Sunday Jason went to Mexico and I taught Relief Society. In the evening I ate ice cream from the carton while cooking huevos rancheros. 

On Monday Dave kindly let me accompany him to a Nationals game. We had ice cream for dinner beforehand and Jubilee, allegedly rated one of the 10 ice cream places you should visit before you die. I believe it. I had a passion fruit guava come that was awesome. 

It was a perfect night for baseball. Here’s hoping we hit another game before July 15! 
Today is Grantie’s seventeenth birthday, which is crazy. I wish we could have been with him to celebrate. I think we will be able to make at least one day of the region tennis tournament when we are in Utah, for which I am very excited. He is such a cool guy.

Tonight I went out with friends for dinner. It was so great to catch up, and spring weather has finally come to DC so heading home late in the evening was actually pleasant. This weekend Jason’s mom comes to town and we say good-bye (but hopefully not for too long!) to Dave.