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A few weeks ago I realized that this blog, The Frosts go to Kentucky, had run out of media space. There were two solutions: pay something like $8 a month in perpetuity to add space, or start a new blog. Here we are. This site will stay up as I ponder how to handle the 1000+ posts here.

The URL for this blog has been out of date for almost five years, so instead of calling the new one The Frosts go to Kentucky II (though I pondered it), I opted for The Frosts, Phase Three. This is not memorable or pithy, but hear me out. We spent the first two years of our marriage in school (phase one) and the next five years as a happy, dual-income-no-kids couple (phase 2). Now we’re in the very early stages of phase 3: parenthood and thirties (for Jason. Still 28 over here.) and lots of other life things.

A brand new baby means we haven’t actually posted much on the new space yet, but stay tuned!

pullan fourth of july

My parents and Grant came to visit in early July. The first night they were here we went to Founding Farmers for dinner (always a crowd favorite).
The next day Jason and Grant played tennis in the morning while my mom and I did my birthday walk (usually a run, but not at 38 weeks gestation). Seven miles this year. Meanwhile my dad ran to our apartment from DC.

We also naturally had to get donuts from Astro Donut. Learning they had a brick-and-mortar store near us has been a game changer. For lunch we went to Silver Diner, then put the fam on the metro. We met them a few hours later at Nationals Park.

When my mom posited the idea of a baseball game a month or so ago I was really nervous about being huge and uncomfortable and hot. Fortunately Saturday was one of the more beautiful days of our summer and (it would turn out) my pregnancy never reached truly miserable proportions. 

We had a great time at the game, though they lost. I love that park.

Jason and I left early in the 10th inning and miraculously made it home in under an hour. 

Sunday was my 28th birthday, and we spent it doing our usual church stuff. My parents had some metro issues so they made it in time for Sunday school. For third hour dad and Grant went to the Spanish ward to take the sacrament. We had chicken enchiladas for dinner and played games. It was a good birthday.

On Monday Mom and Grant accompanied Jason and me to our ward Fourth of July breakfast at the church. I was supposed to bring blueberry muffins, but realized at 7 am that my blueberries had gone very bad. Backup plan was zucchini muffins, but the zucchini had also gone bad. (This was one of those weeks when I really needed to clean out the fridge.) I finally made some merely-okay carrot muffins, which my mom kindly ate at the breakfast.

My dad ran to the breakfast from downtown, and then got cleaned up at our place. We all headed out for a rainy day visit to the Udvar-Hazy museum, the Smithsonian Air and Space annex out at Dulles airport. It is pretty awesome. We went up in the observation tower this time, which we hadn’t done before. Very cool.

The space shuttle is probably my favorite though.

That, or the very tiny planes. We also put our hands over our hearts for all the East Hartford-made Pratt & Whitneu engines.

Five-man selfie with the SR-71. 

On the way home we stopped by Taco Bamba, which is always a good choice. After lunch Mom and Dad returned to the city for their fancy awards ceremony evening while Grant stayed at our place. We watched the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest and played games and ate pizza. Then, late at night I showed Grant NSYNC music videos because he did not know that Justin Timberlake started out with the boy band. It was hilarious. Those videos are awful, but also so tame.

On Tuesday morning I dropped Grant at my parents’ hotel (which I know he could have gotten to on his own, but I wanted to be a dutiful sister). We had lunch together at Jettie’s before they went to the airport. We loved having them in town.


I meant to write this post when I was 36 weeks along, but then we were busy and I forgot. Now I’m 37 weeks and we are in the homestretch!

Many pregnant people I’ve known complain about friends and strangers constantly touching their stomachs and making mean comments about their weight gain (or lack thereof) and providing unsolicited advice. Maybe it’s because of where we live, where people are generally pretty careful about what they say and strangers don’t talk to each other, but I’ve only had extremely positive interactions with people I don’t know. Yesterday after a meeting a woman I’d just met told me how she loved becoming a mother because the experience showed her how much her own parents loved her. It was really sweet.

We had an appointment this morning and learned Little Frosty is head down. I’m not surprised, since he spends a lot of his time kicking me in the ribs. It doesn’t really hurt, though, and I’d rather he move around too much than too little. Tonight Jason played the guitar and it felt like the little baby was flailing around in my stomach. It’s a very weird feeling, but I will miss it.

I still feel really good. I’m tired, of course, and every day when I get home from work I immediately collapse on the couch and put my feet up, but that’s to be expected. My feet feel a little tight in my shoes and my ankles are sometimes the tiniest bit swollen, but not enough to complain about at all. (To be fair, my feet swell every summer. Hello Virginia.) I stopped running a couple weeks ago, but I’m walking a lot and still doing weights. I look hilarious at the gym with my t-shirt stretched taut across my stomach and my high-waisted yoga pants. There’s a girl I sometimes see who has the non-maternity version of my pants and it makes me feel a tiny bit ridiculous. Oh well. I’m keeping these pants around for Thanksgiving.

I haven’t had any Braxton Hicks contractions or back pain or hip pain. He spends a lot of time on my right side, and every once in a while I feel what must surely be a foot or a knee poking out. It has become a little bit of a struggle to get to my shoelaces, and the other day I almost asked one of my coworkers to help me buckle my sandals, but my pride won out and I did it myself. I painted my toenails at work that same day (in a skirt!), which required some very creative sitting. I’m anxious that because this pregnancy has been (knock on wood) very easy, that labor and recovery are going to really catch me off guard. Hope that’s not the case, but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

The other night I started packing a hospital bag, but then I realized that a bunch of the recommended items to include were things I would still need in the next three weeks (glasses, insurance card, toothbrush) and that half the items on the list were things I haven’t bought yet. I’m working on it.

Waiting knowing that he could theoretically come any day now is weird. (I also don’t expect him to come early. I’m trying to brace myself for him to be a full week late.) I’m so excited for him to come, but so nervous too. I told Jason the other day that it’s like the first day of school. By the end of the summer you are ready to go back to school and see your friends and wear your new clothes, but then by the second day you miss summer and wish you hadn’t wasted so many precious days off. I can’t wait to see this baby, and I constantly wonder what he is going to look like and be like, but I also want to keep him safe inside, where he doesn’t cry and my only responsibility is to not fall down and avoid deli meats. How is it possible that he is due in three weeks?

so much to say: a good june weekend

Last Friday night we went out for Iranian food with the Homers at a new place that we’ll definitely need to visit again. Seriously, it was delicious, and, if the photos of the shah on the wall were any indication, quite authentic. Each of our entrees even came with an edible flower on top. Cool.

Then we did our grocery shopping, listening to the Moth Radio Hour en route to Trader Joe’s as we do every Friday night. We unpacked the groceries and decided to buy tickets to the Dave Matthews Band concert the next night, because when you’re going to be parents in (then) four weeks, you need to use up your last opportunities to be spontaneous.

The weather for the concert was beautiful, and we got out to Bristol, VA, around 5:30 p.m. We wandered around, waited in line at the bathrooms, and found what turned out to be our excellent seats.IMG_2265

Seriously, we may start buying all our concert tickets at the last minute. This was our third DMB show together!

Here I am in all my 36-weeks-of-pregnancy glory! I was not the only pregnant person there, but there weren’t many of us.

The show started off right around 8 p.m. There was no opening band and I was glad. Unless I know who the opening band is I’d rather just dispense with it and get on to the main event.IMG_2274

Wow, we are so close!IMG_2270

It was a great show! I was glad we had seats instead of lawn tickets so I could take breaks from standing during slow songs. The crowd was definitely more chill than the Hartford crowds I’ve experienced and there didn’t seem to be quite as much pot smoked in our general vicinity. There were these two guys behind us who kept talking about how they’d become fans during the zenith of DMB lyricism, the Big Whiskey years, and I was proud to know that they were full of it.IMG_2280

We made it back to the car by 11 p.m., but then spent probably forty minutes waiting to move to get out of the parking lot. This gave Jason time to write the talk he would be giving in twelve hours and me time to get going on the library books I had stashed in the backseat. We finally got home around 12:45 p.m., had some chips and salsa, and went to bed.

On Sunday Jason gave what may be one of my favorite talks ever, and we got together with the Homers, Lloyds, and Carters for a farewell dinner. I think there’s a group shot somewhere, and perhaps I’ll steal it from Courtney’s blog one of these days. Anyway, not only did we have delicious grilled meats, but they also made a fire so we could have s’mores. I love a s’more (so I had three).

Great weekend.

a book shower for little frosty

Last Wednesday a few of my friends/coworkers hosted a book shower. I’d had my prenatal class in the afternoon, so I drove into the city during rush hour. This is, as I knew it would be, a terrible idea. To be fair the metro would have been no better. Welcome to DC!

It took 1.5 hours to travel 11 miles, but I made it just in time!

Everything about the shower was adorable. Once again, I was so touched and surprised by how much work went into the party.

Can we talk about the rubber duckies in the punch?img_3657

All the foods corresponded to children’s books, each of which they also bought for Little Frost. See what I mean about details?? There’s a level of party-planning IQ here that I just do not have. 

We ate and talked and caught up, then opened some gifts. There were lots of books, but–thanks to the wisdom of using a GoogleDoc–no repeats. I was so excited to see old favorites (The Sleep Book!), some classics in Spanish (Huevos Verde y Jamon) and new titles I haven’t read yet (Dragons Love Tacos). Also, I had a very cute present-opening helper in Robbie.

The little guy also got some very thoughtful non-book gifts, like this amazing taco shirt, and the softest stuffed bunny.

The night was seriously so fun. Awkward picture with the hosts (minus Kirsten and Katie, who were sorely missed), and a less awkward group photo.

Even the favors were book themed! 

Jason and this baby and I are so blessed to have such wonderful, kind friends in our lives! Thanks to a bunch of really great people, Little Frosty is the proud owner of 54 books, and not a repeat among them. I’m so excited to share them with him once he’s here.


Last Monday Jason’s cousin Kerry was in town for a wedding and kindly made time to come have dinner with us. We met up at the metro after work, which gave us time to catch up before meeting Jason and heading to Founding Farmers. (Monday was also the first day of Metro’s year-long SafeTrack repair program, and my commute that morning had been a grueling hour and forty minutes. Thankfully the evening commute that day and every subsequent commute has been only 5-10 minutes longer than usual, and this phase of the work on our lines will be done on Thursday.) We had a great supper, complete with kettle corn, and had a great time hanging out.

We call this one Selfie For Our Mothers to Prove We Got Together

On Friday we decided we needed ice cream, so we picked some up (and some waffle cones) from Safeway. Then I fell asleep on the couch while we watched the basketball finals and we didn’t end up eating ice cream after all. Bummer.

Saturday morning I woke up and worked out. I’m done running (maybe more on that later? There’s not much to report besides that it’s hot and I’m 35 weeks pregnant.) so I did some weights. Then Jason and I did our grocery shopping and started organizing Little Frosty’s stuff. It kills me that he isn’t even here yet and already has belongings.

We had pizza for lunch, then decided in the late afternoon that we should go to IKEA to get a baby dresser. When we make our annual trip (in the fall, of course) we leave in the early morning and the drive takes 25-30 minutes. Apparently everyone else was leaving town on Saturday afternoon, so it took an hour to get there. Our spirits weren’t dampened, though, and we bravely entered the vast maze of Scandinavian furniture.

The showroom claimed that our preferred dresser (the MALM in white oak) was sold out, but it was in the warehouse when we checked. We made it in and out of IKEA in 40 minutes, which may be a new Frost family record. We also picked up a NORNÄS nightstand, some PLASTIS scrub brushes, and PRUTA tupperware.  I was really tempted to get a JÄTTESTOR stuffed elephant for our boy, but he has too many things already.

We got home and Jason went to work building the nightstand. I went to work making hamburgers without setting off the smoke alarm (victory!). We had dinner, then got to work on the dresser.

Of course we were at work building it until midnight, but the dresser is operational, and, as of Sunday night, filled with washed and folded tiny baby clothes!

I taught Relief Society on Sunday (Lesson 10: Scriptures, The Most Profitable of All Study) and Jason left on his (seriously this time) last trip. I had taffy for dinner. I’m sure I ate something else but I don’t remember. I stayed up later than I should have and talked my mom’s ear off while she tried to pack for camp.

We got a new blender and I used it to make my first ever green smoothie this morning. 

My parents have been married thirty years yesterday!

I went to see Me Before You last night with Lara and Sherri and I think Little Frosty liked that we were sitting tight and listening to loud music; he was cruising all through the movie, enough so that it made me kind of nauseous. 

I went out with Courtney and Dani on Tuesday night. Cava at Mosaic and gelato with friends is my new favorite combo. We are going to miss Dani so much when she moves to Utah!!  

Also, can we talk about avocado honey orange gelato?! Does not seem like it would be good and yet it really really was!

I had prenatal class 2 of 3 today, which means I am now equipped to diaper and swaddle an immobile doll. This is going to be interesting.

celebrating little frosty

There are a lot of things I’ve loved about being pregnant, but last Thursday’s baby shower was one of the best things yet!

It was hosted by four of my incredible friends: Michele, Lara, Dani, and Courtney.

The shower had an international that emphasized our love of travel (if only to places where they speak Spanish) and the fact that I always joke with Jason that our kid isn’t a prince: he’s a citizen of the world!

Seriously, everyone went all out in the decorations and the food. Everything was so delicious!! img_3623

Not only are my friends great party planners, but they’re also excellent bakers. unspecified

The decorations were so cute. The book on the table was for guests to write words of advice, plus has slots for photos from the shower. Loved it! (The Israeli flag is featured prominently because Lara happens to work at a Jewish preschool.)unspecified.jpeg

Hooray for friends!

Not sure what the final headcount was (Lara thought 35), but it was so great to see friends from our old ward that I don’t chat with in the halls at church anymore.

Little Frosty got some great gifts. I, it turns out, make weird faces when I open presents, and even weirder faces when I open cards with kind messages inside. I loved this sheep.

He also got a lot of great clothes. Tiny drawstring pants!!img_3607

Some of my former young women came too, which was rad.  

Seriously, so many people were so generous. Little Frosty is one well-loved baby and he isn’t even born yet.  

We played one game, where you matched up words for babies in different languages. (I had requested limited games and especially no games where we tasted gross things or estimated how huge my stomach is.) Here’s Dani reading the answers.

We really just had a great time. I loved everything about the evening.

Even the party favor table was adorable. 

We got a group picture after probably 2/3 of the guests left. I sure love my Virginia buddies.

Courtney not only handed me gifts to open, but also organized them as we went, so it was super easy to get everything loaded into the car. I got home and Jason helped me bring everything inside. We were both so touched by the generosity and thought that went into the gifts. Jason’s favorite, though, was this CD: a lullaby tribute to Dave Matthews Band.

I can’t thank everyone enough for planning and executing such a special night. Hard to believe Little Frosty should be here in 4.5 weeks!