…or your Wednesday

The light in our kitchen burned out last night.  Rather than change it (and risk falling off a chair and onto our stove or countertop in my early morning drowsiness), I cooked a pot of oatmeal in complete darkness.  It was surprisingly delicious, but I’m glad Jason replaced the bulb tonight.  I think Thursday will be a good day.

How not to start your Tuesday

I woke up yesterday to a call from my coworker, Mary, who was waiting in her car at my complex.  We had planned to leave for the WEG at 6:45 a.m., but I had somehow missed all five alarms I had set on my cell phone (I’m sure this scenario sounds familiar to Jason, my parents, and Roni).  I rushed out the door with a less-than-attractive ponytail and an empty stomach.

After working, we ate and ran around to some of the displays (me still looking disheveled, but not artfully disheveled like some of the horse people running around).

The highlight of the Kentucky Experience booth was Rosemary Clooney’s dress from White Christmas–although, as a Utahn, the Colonel Sanders display warmed my heart.

We were a tiny bit disappointed by the trade area, probably because neither of us were in the market for $700 boots or a new and improved bridle.  Then, we went to the Alltech booth.  “Booth” here is really a misnomer; “village of architecturally-sound structures” might be more appropriate.  The courtyard featured a bunch of the horse sculptures that appear throughout Lexington, though we agreed that these horses were the best of the bunch.  My personal favorites include:

The Where The Wild Things Are Horse

The Peter Rabbit Foal

The Pink Horse

The Map Horse

We also went to Equine Village, where we saw demonstrations of Dressage (pony ballet) and jumping.  It was just the right dose of horse-based entertainment for one day (or lifetime).