Really. Fun. Weekend.

It’s 8:46 a.m. and I’m the only one up. Good thing we have later church today.
We’ve had such a fun weekend. Jason and I picked up Roni from the airport on Thursday night and were delighted to discover that there wasn’t construction going on en route to Louisville anymore. We also realized that before Thursday, the last time we left Lexington was in September. I guess that is a testament to Lexington’s all-encompassingness, but we should probably try to take some little trips outside of town once in a while.

It was very late by the time the three of us arrived back home, so we went to bed and slept in very late on Friday. We went out to breakfast at Josie’s (finally! I’ve been meaning to go there for breakfast forever) and then I gave Roni a driving tour of Lexington. We drove out partway to Paris, which I think is really pretty, then came home and baked cookies for the ward Christmas party while Jason helped set up for it. The party was a great last hurrah for the now-defunct Activities Committee and made me feel like Christmas is really coming.

On Saturday, we woke up to snow! We hung out around the house for a while and had leftover ham sandwiches for lunch. Roni and I did some shopping and went to a baby shower (which featured the best cookie/ganache desserts), while Jason watched football and hung out with Dave.

We stayed up pretty late again last night. Now we should probably start getting ready for church.
Roni leaves this afternoon. We still have to play at least one round of Boggle and finish off the rest of our Christmas cookies. It’s been a great weekend; Jason and I are so glad Roni could come see our little corner of the country. We sure like it.


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