Sunday, 8:31 p.m.

It’s been a good weekend. The weather was fantastic: fifty-five or so degrees yesterday, upper forties today. I went running outdoors Saturday morning for the first time in approximately five months. Jason got some reading done and I organized. We listened to the BYU basketball game and Jason’s birthday gift came in the mail–well, not his actual gift, but a representation of his actual gift. In the evening, we watched The West Wing and ate Edy’s Girl Scout Thin Mint ice cream.  Sometimes I feel a little bit guilty that our life is so simple; then I decide just to appreciate it for now.

I have to brag about tonight’s dinner.  A few weeks ago, Jason and I saw this special Mexican food edition of Better Homes and Gardens in the check-out line at Kroger.  The only magazines we read regularly are the Ensign and Jason’s political science fare, but we started flipping through this one and the recipes looked amazing/not that difficult.  We purchased it, but did not try any of the recipes until today. We tried the pork and sweet potato empanadas and arroz verde and both were majorly delicious.  Hooray for success on a first attempt.

I can’t believe Groundhog Day is this Wednesday.  Groundhog Day is kind of a big deal in the Pullan household.  Thank goodness the Bill Murray movie is available for instant stream on Netflix!

The Frosts watch basketball late at night

Ignore my troubled expression.  This was taken early in the first half, before victory was sure.

Tonight’s match-up between SDSU and BYU was just too intense for radio listening, so Jason and I (and some friends from our ward) went to Buffalo Wild Wings.  The game started at 8 PM Utah time, which is 10 PM our time; thankfully, the restaurant stays open until 1:00 AM on Wednesdays.  We just got home and I think we’re both too riled to sleep right now.  Go BYU!

Amanda, rebel

Approximately one year ago, on the very day of the State of the Union, I was walking to the metro station after work.  As usual, I walked on the Capitol side of the street.  That day, thanks to the auspicious events about to take place in the House Chamber, the capitol police yelled at me to move to the other side of the street.  Sorry, guys.


degrees fahrenheit was the temperature yesterday when we thought–briefly–about going to the gym.

Other things we did this weekend:
Took Jason’s computer to be fixed (we love you, Apple Care!)
Ate delicious pilaf with Jason’s friends from the Patterson School
Watched BYU defeat CSU
Made (and devoured) tasty/easy bread
Made (and devoured) chocolate chip cookies
Played The Bowl Game (not sure what else to call it)
Discovered that we can park in a structure near the gym, so we need not walk as far anymore
Took a long Sunday afternoon nap

It’s been a restful, rejuvenating weekend. According to my weather widget, we will have more snow this week. Yesterday we decided that Lexington winters are no more temperate than Utah winters.