The condensed version

It’s been hard to write the blog because we’ve been too busy having fun in CT.  Here’s a recap of our recent adventures–which possibly only Jason and I will find interesting, since we lived them.

Last Friday: Flew to CT.  Ate delicious ribs.  Watched the most hilarious home videos of 1) Jason pretending to be a weather man, 2) Boom-booms down the stairs, and 3) Dave dancing forever.

Saturday: Talked to David on the phone bright and early (7:00 a.m.).  Opened presents.  Ate an eclair for breakfast.  Went to Grandma’s around 1:30, where we had dinner, played games, and hung out with Jason’s fam.

Sunday: Church, but the second and third hour were cancelled because of a blizzard.  Came home and started working on the reception food.  Had some fun with almond bark and pretzel rods.  Lasagna for dinner.

Monday: Set up for the reception.

Tuesday: Jason and I went to the gym.  Set up for the reception.  Reception.  Clean up from the reception.  Because we weren’t required to stand in line or mind the food, Jason and I were able to hang out with some of his old friends.  I forgot my camera in the car, but I made Jen take a few pictures of us.  Maybe someday I’ll post them.

Wednesday: Did not go to the gym.  Thought about going to the Wadsworth Antheneum.  Hung out with Jake and Justine instead.  Went to dinner with Dave Liner at Trattoria da Lepri and met Tyler’s cat.

Thursday: Wadsworth Antheneum.  Bought a Mark Tobey print from the Moderns on Paper exhibit.  Went to a party at Dave’s and enjoyed 1) awesome food, 2) good company, and 3) a rousing game of Funglish.  i think Jason and I would be very successful Funglish players if we would make sure we’re on the same word.  Spent the night in Avon.

Friday: Trader Joe’s.  Cheesecake Factory.  UConn basketball game (in which they did not lose).  Inception.  Lots of food.  Happy new year!

Saturday: Taking the Idahoans to the airport in approximately 2 hours.

This trip has gone by really fast, but I think we’ve hit most of the things we wanted to do.


4 thoughts on “The condensed version

  1. Sorry I took forever to reply… I was in Windsor Locks for the night (near Bradley) and then moving to my new apartment in Massachusetts. Crazy indeed!!!

    • That’s so funny! Jason’s grandma lives in Suffield (right next to Windsor Locks), so we spent a lot of time there. Good luck with your internship; New England is awesome!

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