It’s that time again.


I didn’t actually realize it was midterm week until Jason told the missionaries last night.  Oops.  It makes sense, since spring break is next week and there are only eight weeks left of school.  I guess in my non-school-attending state I forget about things like exams. 

My BYU ID card actually expires tomorrow, which makes me feel like I’ve officially left my alma mater behind; no more making on-campus copies for me.  The card actually hadn’t carried a balance since last September, when I used the remaining $0.18 toward my BYU creamery purchase during our (brief) Utah visit.

Mary went to Nashville and brought us back Trader Joe’s macaroni & cheese.  I don’t think I can over-emphasize our love of any Trader Joe’s product, much less mac & cheese.   Even the TJ grocery sacks make me miss DC.

I’m bummed that the first-round MWC tournament game is during work, but I wore my navy sweater anyway for good luck.

My umbrella turned inside-out, Mary-Poppins-style on the way to work this morning.


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