The lingo

Mary, Kim, and I ran into the missionaries as we were coming back to the office from lunch yesterday. Mary and Kim aren’t Mormon, and the last time Mary and I encountered the missionaries, it was embarrassing. I braced myself for the awkwardness that might ensue.

I shouldn’t have worried. Though definitely nervous, these elders were sweet. I explained that I am a member of the church, and that my coworkers and I talk about religion occasionally. Then, the following conversation occurred:

Elder: Would you like to hear more about the blessings that come from having a living prophet on the earth?

Mary: No, I get a lot of info from Amanda.

Kim: Same here.

Mary: Actually, Amanda’s my visiting teacher.

Both elders’ jaws dropped (as in, “How does she know about visiting teaching already!?”) and I laughed. Don’t worry, guys, I’m sharing the gospel and the lingo (and Mary shares her lingo with me. We need to write a Sorority Girl to Mormon dictionary. We’ll celebrate it’s completion by keg standing).

**Posted with Mary’s consent.


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