Frost Fiscal Year 2

Because we married in May (and not January), I like to think of our life in fiscal years.  It also works out nicely because by May, I have doubtless reneged on my New Year’s Resolutions and can feel good about setting fiscal year resolutions (which will be renewed/changed/dismissed again on December 31).

Here’s a brief recap of how we spent FY 2.

Went to Moab for our anniversary.

Moved to Kentucky. That was kind of a big deal.

I got a job at UK that I love.
Jason’s mom and Dave came to visit so we could see Elder Frost before he shipped off to the Philippines.

I turned 22.
My family drove all the way from Utah to visit. They determined that Kentucky is a nice place to live, but not the greatest to visit. We spent a lot of time at Graeter’s and playing Mental Floss.

We did not see DMB in concert for the third year in a row.
Jason started school!
We put Kentucky plates on the car, making us official Kentuckians (and alleviating concerns about being reported as free-riders).

Picked apples in Paris, KY.
Flew to Utah for a very brief visit.

Watched more than our fair share of BYU football.
Went to a Kentucky football game.

Midterms. I don’t remember much about October.
Taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we went to the World Equestrian Games.
Went to Keeneland with the Oswalds.
Soup week
Jason’s fall conference.

Voted. Not for Rand Paul.
UK basketball game.
Jason’s negotiation simulation. Go team Azerbaijan.
Thanksgiving with the Holbein’s!

Roni came to visit. I think she echos my family’s sentiment, especially since we made her help set up for the ward Christmas party.
My Christmas break was extended by three days, making it almost two full weeks long.
We headed up to Connecticut for the holidays.

Hannah and Mariel came to visit us.

Jason turned twenty-five.
Trip to Nashville to see The Head and the Heart.

Overnight negotiation simulation.

I feel like March was less-than-remarkable. I ran a lot.
Vegetarian week.
Sweet sixteen for BYU, final four for UK.

Jason went to DC.
We survived a tornado.
Ran the Derby minimarathon!

Here’s to an awesome FY 3!


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