et cetera

1. I’ve been vascillating between five or six books to suggest for next month’s book club and have finally decided on three (which is good, since book club is tonight).

Does this mean I’m not over coming-of-age stories or that coming-of-age stories naturally make for good literature?  I’m inclined to think the latter.  I’m excited to see which one gets selected.

2. I saw another little bunny on my way to work.  I wouldn’t have photographed it (because honestly, how many photos of tiny bunnies do I need?) except that it let me get so close.

3. Lucky Jason is youth conferencing today, tomorrow, and Saturday. 

4. We made the most delicious salad on Tuesday from my birthday cookbook: a wedge with roasted corn and red pepper salsa and red wine vinaigrette. I think/hope this will become a summer staple in our house.

5. Shout out to the Pullan fam in St. George: we are jealous of your vacation, but not of your weather.  Stay cool (if possible)!


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