the best meal on beale

…is not veal, but that would be nice so as to perpetuate the rhyme.

No, the best meal on Beale is a half-rack of ribs, fried catfish, slaw, baked beans, steak fries, and Texas toast.  This is what Jason ate for lunch yesterday at the Blue City Cafe.  We tried to eat at Rendezvous with our friends, but it was closed.  Jason had seen the Blues City Cafe on our way over, and noted that they claim the best ribs in Memphis.  We decided to give it a try.

We took this picture afterward.  We are so full.

Jason had the aforementioned Best Meal on Beale, and I had six Cajun-spiced skillet shrimp (along with the obligatory and delicious slaw, new potatoes, and Texas toast).  We also sampled a sausage and cheese plate; if all sausage were like that, it would be removed from my Least Favorite Foods list.

We wandered around Beale Street in the rain for a bit before heading out of Memphis.

My dad asked us to leave a chocolate chip cookie on the steps of Sun Records (I think as a gratitude offering for the good music produced there).  We chose instead to eat the chocolate chip cookies, but did snap a picture of the building.

We pulled into Lexington last night around 9:30 PM, but between returning the rental car and putting away our stuff and eating dinner, we didn’t get to sleep until almost one in the morning.

Needless to say, we’ve had a pretty relaxing Labor Day.  It’s 66 degrees out and has rained off and on all day, so we skipped the ward (well, now our former ward.  It’s not every day that you leave on vacation and return to find yourselves in a different ward) apple picking outing.  Instead, we opted for grocery shopping and maybe a trip to the gym later tonight.  I ordered my books.  Jason has done some reading.  Now I am having an internal struggle about whether to sign up for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon in November.


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