awe-tumn (so punny)

On Friday night, we went to the Thompson’s to watch BYU lose to TCU.  Actually, first Jason picked me up from work because it was ridiculously cold out.  Then, we went to our neighborhood Kroger to pick up parmesan cheese, tortilla chips, and a lime.  At my request, Jason captured the sunset from the parking lot.

Then we headed to the Thompson’s and watched BYU lose.  It’s a sad day when a baseball game is more thrilling than a concurrent college football game (hope I didn’t lose my adopted membership in Red Sox Nation for that remark). We did, however, have delicious pizza and candy corn sugar cookies (and grapes. Can’t forget the grapes) with good friends, so it was a worthwhile evening after all.  We’re out of luck cheering for either the Cougars or the Wildcats this year, apparently.

Saturday was a normal Saturday: grocery shopping, lunch, some chores, dinner, football, laundry.  We went up to campus in the evening for Jason to scan some readings.

Around eight PM, I decided I probably didn’t have enough snacks for the nursery on Sunday, so I made graham crackers.  To say I loved these would be an understatement; I think I have to take them to work tomorrow so I don’t eat them all.

Today was a normal Sunday: breakfast, church, lunch, home teachers, dinner, write Dave, talk to family.  Now it’s Sunday night.  I always stay up later than I mean to on Sunday nights because I want to make the weekend last as long as possible.

Tomorrow is Halloween, though, which means the usual Frost It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown-watching, Halloween-candy-intended-for-non-existent-trick-or-treaters-eating party.  I think I like that tradition even more than dressing up (which is good, because I’m fairly sure the last time I dressed up for Halloween was in 2008. Oh well).


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