groundhog day eve

It was 70 degrees today, so naturally I sat out on our balcony and read in the late afternoon. It was quite lovely, especially for February 1.

I made a list of goals for my last twenty (now nineteen) days of unemployment. Maybe I’ll post them tomorrow.

Things on the Thursday docket:

Celebrate Groundhog Day!
Bake pita bread.
Make hummus.
Coordinate a flight for our first official DC visitor, or at least the first one not charged with building furniture late into the night.
Buy romaine lettuce and honey.
Earnestly hope for February 2 to be the long-awaited day that my 2012 planner arrives (now that the year is 1/12th over. Long story).
Maybe stay up to watch BYU play Gonzaga. 11 PM is so late.


2 thoughts on “groundhog day eve

  1. I’m confused by this post…when is your start date? I’m thinking your father-in-law gave me wrong information. Have you met any other runners in your ward?

  2. Did you announce where you got a job and I just missed it? Enjoy the unemployment while you can!

    I just got new running shoes tonight and am excited to try them out. If only we were having weather like you guys. I think you mentioned previously not knowing where to run in D.C. Have you ever done Rock Creek Trail? Looks like a nice trail if you’re needing a longer run.

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