c-a-t-s! cats! cats! cats!

We spent the evening of the Final Four with the Oswalds, decked out in our Kentucky finery. Jason made sure to wear his Keeneland tie for good luck (since we didn’t know if the game would end before the priesthood session).


We had pizza and enjoyed the game (UK for the win! Take that, Louisville!) and marveled at the cuteness of the Oswald kiddo.

On Monday, we watched/relished the final game in the comfort of our apartment. There was some anxiety toward the end, but thank goodness the wildcats pulled out the win! Wish we could’ve been in Lexington for (some of) the after-party.

I ended up winning our mini-family bracket challenge for the third year in a row (and would like to point out that–just using my “which team do I like more?” picking strategy–I selected 3/4 of the final four teams). I guess that means Jason owes me dinner or something.

Little things from the last week:

We went to an art store on Saturday to buy Jason a notebook for comps studying and a pen for me, because there are few things I love more than a good pen. The paints arranged in color order reminded me of Hannah, and how sometimes she takes the liberty of rearranging merchandise at establishments that don’t respect the color wheel.

I just finished reading my most recent Amazon orders and didn’t have time to hit the library, so last week I tackled one of Jason’s Mexico City books and this week I’m wading through The War of the End of the World. I haven’t had this much free reading time since high school. It’s awesome.

Since last Saturday, we’ve eaten strawberry shortcake four times. Also, someone brought girl scout cookies to work the very day after I bemoaned our lack of thin mints to Jason. Made some Sally Lunn bread today. The loaf might be almost gone.