eat tri read

– I came home from work Tuesday night to a steaming pot of black bean soup, made by Jason. He’s quite the classy cook. The soup was warm and comforting and especially delicious topped with monterey jack cheese, tortilla chips, and avocado. Two thumbs up and next time we’ll double the recipe.

– My work does this fitness challenge yearly (maybe?), which includes a mini triathlon. It is truly miniature, not even long enough to qualify as a sprint (which is good because all events are indoors and that would take a while): 300YD swim, 3 mile bike, and 1 mile run. I did it. Then I wanted to do a real triathlon. Unfortunately, that would require a) a road bike and b) a car big enough to transport said bike. Maybe next summer. What I’d really like to do this summer is a Ragnar Relay.

– On the book front (which besides what we eat for dinner seems to be my default. I apologize future children/geneologists who look to this record for substantial info about our lives), I’ve been reading The Hawk and the Dove, which is one of Jason’s about George Kennan and Paul Nitze and the Cold War. I only had eighteen pages left, though–which is not enough to make it through an entire day’s commute–so I left it home today in favor of Babbitt, which Roni got for me forever ago for reasons too convoluted to explain here.


5 thoughts on “eat tri read

  1. Are you serious about wanting to do a ragnar relay? I’m doing the Wasatch Back in June and am looking for an extra peep for my team. It’s mid June sometime. Let me know if you’re interested!

  2. oooo, if you end up doing Ragnar in the UT area and need an extra teammate, I’d love to! Stephen’s knee might not make it, otherwise I’d say, TWO extras!

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