– So Snowquester was kind of a bust. These are scenes from Thursday morning, when work was definitely not cancelled.
Now it looks and feels like spring. I’m glad we got three months of seasonal weather out of the way in three days.

– I’ve always been kind of snobbish about eBooks (“Oh no, I prefer actual tactile reading material, thank you very much.”). After not finding a book I really really really wanted to read at the library last Saturday, I downloaded it from the iBook store and read it on the iPad. I did not hate the experience. Now I’m reading the electronic version of Bleak House and it’s great. Unlike most Dickens novels, the type isn’t tiny and my arms aren’t strained under a thousand-plus pages. I can also seamlessly look up words I don’t understand (or that haven’t been used yet in this century). I’m not making a permanent switch, but apparently there are situations in which an electronic book can be useful.

– Swift was officially hauled off by the MS Society on Friday. The melancholy we are feeling in its absence is why we can never have pets. 20130309-230208.jpg

– I am officially a Virginia-licensed driver! I got to the DMV bright and early on Saturday and was out by 8:45 AM–a vast improvement on last week’s fiasco.

– Ward temple night was on Saturday (in anticipation of ward conference). We got to the temple earlier than anticipated, so we decided to attend the session before the one the ward was planning on. Afterward, we had dinner at Pasa Thai and set our clocks forward.

– On Sunday we made stuffed peppers and had friends over for dinner. They brought salad and a berry trifle, which made me more excited for summer than words can express.

– Today was a normal Monday, but we had black bean and cornbread panzanella salad for dinner which, it turns out, is very good.


One thought on “spring?

  1. Ahhh, yes, I’m glad to see you have finally come to the dark side and joined the ranks of e-book readers. Another good application of e-books? When you are 7,000 miles away from your home library and yet with a few touches of the finger, you can “check-out” a book in mere minutes. I love them.

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