things that happened*

*I find it increasingly difficult to come up with new titles that mean “Random stuff that is going on in the life of the Frosts” but don’t sound as dismal as “The Frost Weekend Depository”, which is what I almost called this post.

– We had gorgeous weather a couple days last week. Now it’s just cold. 20130204-142149.jpg

– I had a nice phone conversation with Grant while I was waiting for the shuttle on Thursday night. On Friday I found this picture on my dad’s Facebook.
It’s tiny and I should really get ahold of the original, but it perfectly captures the quintessential Grant. He’s always been content and chill while the chaos of the Pullan family goes on in the background. When he was really little, my dad worried that he never got a chance to talk (which was true), so Dad would (try to) make us all be quiet so Grant could get a word in. It’s weird that he’s not a little baby anymore.

– On Saturday morning I made pancakes and Jason helped our friends move out of the ward. Lame. Afterward we took naps and read and watched some basketball and waited until it started snowing to do our grocery shopping.

– We celebrated Groundhog Day in the usual Pullan fashion by watching Groundhog Day. We did not make a groundhog cake, partly out of laziness and partly because it is someone’s birthday this week and there may be ice cream cake (or so I’m told). I love Groundhog Day.

– We placed our first ever online glasses order. I tried on all the tester pairs, including Jason’s. 20130204-142143.jpg

Jason pointed out that not one of these pictures shows the glasses I actually purchased. Hint: they are similar.

– Jason didn’t have meetings on Sunday until noon, so we slept in and read the paper. It was nice.

– After church, we made minestrone soup and Grandma Pullan’s French bread. Both = culinary wins. The bread recipe makes three loaves, so I cut it in half and made two (what I thought would be) smaller loaves. They were still massive, which is good because the bread was awesome and we will eat it all.


I ordered my 2012 moleskine planner on January 4th. On January 24th, Amazon let me know that the planner was nowhere to be found. I scoured the internet with little luck and begrudgingly ordered a similar one from an obscure Oregon bookstore (and prayed it was legit). Twenty days later, my planner arrived and I have felt infinitely more organized ever since.


I made wheat rolls. They are delish.


While perusing Wal-Mart in search of a one-year-old appropriate board book (Wal-Mart has terrible book selection, it turns out), I found socker boppers! I’m pretty sure the ones my fam owned in the early 2000s were called sockEM boppers, but the concept is the same. We used to have bopping tournaments for family night, because nothing brings the spirit like being walloped in the face with an inflatable mitten by your four-year-old brother.


I made heart-shaped crackers. Less delish, but kind of cute.


Before dinner on Jason’s birthday, I made him try on a fedora at Banana Republic. He makes it look good.


Even Rosie got into the birthday spirit on February 8th.


Tonight we picked up our glasses! Depth perception seems a little off, but I think that may be because we both have the correct prescription for the first time in a while. To good vision!